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Recycled rubber / natural rubber production of acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet

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Recycled rubber / natural rubber production of acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet

Acid-base rubber sheets are not prone to expansion, shrinkage, softening or brittleness in long-term use in acid-base medium (diluted acid, dilute alkali, strong alkali and other chemicals). Generally, natural rubber, neoprene, and triacetate Propylene rubber is the main raw material. Recycled rubber is an emerging rubber resource with many types and low prices. It can be used together with natural rubber to produce acid and alkali resistant rubber sheets, which can reduce raw material costs while ensuring product performance and service life.

Recycled rubber and natural rubber for acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet

Natural rubber, 100 parts; reclaimed rubber, 100 parts; zinc oxide, 7 parts; stearic acid, 2.5 parts; anti-aging agent D, 1 part; paraffin, 5 parts; high wear-resistant carbon black, 40 parts; barite powder, 232.2; ointment, 8 parts; accelerator M, 0.7 parts; accelerator D, 0.5 parts; accelerator TMTD, 0.1 parts; sulfur, 3 parts; total: 500 parts.

Barite powder, namely barium sulfate powder, is a commonly used compounding agent for acid and alkali resistant rubber products. It can improve the acid and alkali resistance and water resistance of rubber products, and can improve the specific gravity of rubber and reduce the cost without affecting the performance of rubber compounds. The reinforcing effect in natural rubber is remarkable, and the hardness is increased. Therefore, the large amount of barite powder filled in the acid-base resistant formula is the best choice for achieving acid-base, mechanical strength and production cost win-win situation; in reclaimed rubber/natural The use of high wear-resistant carbon black in the rubber acid-base rubber sheet can further improve the tensile strength, tear resistance and wear resistance of the acid-resistant rubber sheet.

Because the acid-resistant rubber sheet has high mechanical strength requirements, the traditional sulfur vulcanization system is still used in the above formula. The thiazole accelerator M has good vulcanization flatness, and the vulcanized rubber has wear resistance, aging resistance and flex resistance. The cracking performance is excellent; the vulcanizate with the oxime accelerator D is selected to have high hardness and large tensile stress, but the vulcanization flatness is poor during vulcanization; the thief accelerator TMTD is used as an auxiliary accelerator to improve the setting of the vulcanizate. Stress and tensile strength. Therefore, in the acid-base rubber sheet production formula of the reclaimed rubber and the natural rubber, the accelerator M/D/TMTD can be used together to obtain a high-strength rubber sheet, and the vulcanization safety can be better controlled.

Recycled rubber with good compatibility with natural rubber includes latex reclaimed rubber and tire reclaimed rubber. When reclaimed rubber and natural rubber are used together to produce acid and alkali resistant rubber sheets, tire tread reclaimed rubber is generally selected. The products with higher mechanical strength in the tire reclaimed rubber products are better in combination with the natural rubber. The most important thing is that the tread reclaimed rubber has a lower price than the latex reclaimed rubber, which can reduce the cost of raw materials.