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Several reasons and solutions for a large number of bubbles after nitrile rubber vulcanization 1

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Several reasons and solutions for a large number of bubbles after nitrile rubber vulcanization 1

Nitrile rubber is excellent in oil resistance and wear resistance, and is widely used in the production of a large number of oil-resistant rubber products and wear-resistant parts. The products have good performance and long service life. Vulcanization is an indispensable process in the production process of rubber products. The generation of air bubbles during vulcanization is one of the most undesirable phenomena for rubber product manufacturers. So what is the cause of a large number of bubbles after vulcanization of nitrile rubber? How should rubber product manufacturers avoid bubbles in nitrile vulcanizates?

The main causes of bubbles in rubber products include excessive water content during the vulcanization process, mixing with other volatile substances, or mixing other substances or impurities into the raw materials of nitrile rubber products, but the quality is not close. The specific reasons are as follows.

1. Excessive moisture content in raw materials

The rubber and compounding agent used in the production of nitrile rubber products inhale moisture during storage and use or their own moisture content is too high. The compounding agent tends to gather together during vulcanization and cannot be evenly dispersed, resulting in a large amount of localized nitrile rubber after vulcanization. bubble. Therefore, rubber and rubber compounding agent 2LLYY520 must be parked in a dry and ventilated environment, especially various powdered compounding agents to avoid contact with moisture; if the moisture content in the rubber or compounding agent is too high, these raw materials are only dried after drying It can be normally put into the production of nitrile rubber products, if necessary, it needs to be re-screened, or use calcium oxide to absorb moisture in an appropriate amount.

2. Other rubber mixed with nitrile rubber

The molecular structure of each type of rubber is very different, and the vulcanization performance is very different. When using nitrile rubber to produce rubber products, if it is accidentally mixed with other rubber or other rubber compounds in the vulcanization equipment during vulcanization, due to the different vulcanization conditions, vulcanizing agent and vulcanization aid dosage required for other rubber and nitrile rubber, its vulcanization The speed can not be consistent, then a large number of bubbles will be generated when the nitrile rubber is cured.

For this kind of problem, workshop operators can avoid it carefully. Rubber product manufacturers must formulate strict production management and control procedures. Operators label various rubbers and compounding agents, weigh carefully, and clean and maintain vulcanization devices in time. Avoid mixing other rubbers in the production of nitrile rubber.

There are many reasons for the large amount of bubbles in nitrile rubber vulcanizate. After understanding these reasons, rubber product manufacturers can effectively avoid the problem of a large number of bubbles in the nitrile rubber vulcanization process. Tomorrow Xiaobian will continue to share with you vulcanization of nitrile rubber Other causes and solutions after a large number of bubbles.