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Suitable formula for producing oil-resistant rubber sheet using nitrile rubber / recycled rubber and

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Suitable formula for producing oil-resistant rubber sheet using nitrile rubber / recycled rubber and

The use of nitrile recycled rubber in the nitrile oil-resistant rubber sheet can not only reduce the cost of raw materials, but also improve the calendering performance of the rubber, further improving the production efficiency and yield of the oil-resistant rubber sheet. So in actual production, how much is suitable for mixing nitrile rubber? More is better or less is better? Formulation is the top priority in the production of rubber products. How can the formula be designed to further increase the amount of recycled nitrile rubber and reduce the cost of raw materials on the premise that the oil-resistant rubber sheet meets the relevant standards?

1. Reference formula of oil-resistant rubber sheet for nitrile rubber / recycled rubber production

50 parts of nitrile rubber, 50 parts of nitrile rubber, 1.8 parts of sulfur, 3 parts of accelerator, 1.5 parts of antioxidant, 4 parts of zinc oxide, 1.5 parts of stearic acid, 40 parts of carbon black, 40 parts of clay, 25 parts of calcium carbonate Parts, 15 parts plasticizer, 5 parts pine tar, total: 236.8 parts.

2.How to control the amount of recycled rubber in oil-resistant rubber sheet

When using reclaimed rubber to reduce the production cost of oil-resistant rubber sheets, the amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber is not as much as possible or less, the better, usually based on the actual needs of oil-resistant rubber sheets and specific indicators of reclaimed rubber. Nitrile recycled rubber has high rubber content and high mechanical strength, and the amount of nitrile recycled rubber can be appropriately increased, otherwise it should be appropriately reduced; similarly, the higher the quality of the nitrile oil-resistant rubber sheet2LLYY0311, the more demanding it is. High content of recycled nitrile rubber, but also reasonably control the amount of recycled nitrile rubber.

In general, when the total amount of nitrile rubber and nitrile rubber is 100 parts, the amount of nitrile rubber can be controlled between 20-80 parts; if necessary, rubber product manufacturers can also use nitrile rubber and nitrile rubber. The combination of rubber and neoprene further improves the performance and service life of oil-resistant rubber sheets.

3.How to adjust the formula according to the demand of oil-resistant rubber sheet and recycled rubber index

When NBR recycled rubber and NBR are used together to produce oil-resistant rubber sheets, rubber product manufacturers can improve the properties of rubber sheets by adjusting the types and amounts of vulcanizing agents, reinforcing agents and plasticizers. The amount of semi-reinforcing carbon black can be increased in the formula of high mechanical strength oil-resistant rubber sheet; adjusting the amount of plasticizer can further improve the performance of rubber processing technology; when selecting sulfur vulcanization, the amount of sulfur is generally the same as that of pure nitrile rubber. ,and many more.

Reasonable use of nitrile recycled rubber, rational design of nitrile rubber / recycled rubber oil-resistant rubber sheet formula can ensure that rubber sheet has good rolling performance during processing, product shrinkage is small, the surface is smoother and brighter, no burrs, and the quality of oil-resistant rubber sheet is guaranteed. Under the premise of reducing more raw material costs.