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Which rubber can EPDM rubber be used in conjunction with the production of solid sealing strips?

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Which rubber can EPDM rubber be used in conjunction with the production of solid sealing strips?

EPDM rubber has excellent high temperature resistance and aging resistance. It is an ideal material for the production of rubber sealing strips. EPDM rubber sealing strips can be divided into solid cores according to the shape of the section (mainly including round, square and flat). Cross-sectional shape) products, hollow products and metal-rubber composite products, etc., in which EPDM solid rubber sealing strips are often used in combination with other types of rubber in the production process to achieve the purpose of improving the processing technology and prolonging the service life, and at some time Can reduce raw material costs.

When EPDM rubber is used to produce solid sealing strips, it can be used together with the following rubber materials:

1. EPDM rubber combined with styrene butadiene rubber

EPDM rubber is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated diene, wherein the content of diolefin is high; styrene-butadiene rubber is a polystyrene butadiene copolymer, which is an unsaturated rubber; EPDM The combination of rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber can achieve higher crosslink density and better deformation value; the hardness and compression set resistance of the rubber used in EPDM solid rubber sealing strip directly affect the sealing performance of the rubber compound, so it is in EPDM. After the proper amount of styrene-butadiene rubber is used in the solid sealing strip formula, the sealing strip has better sealing effect and longer service life.

2. EPDM rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber are used together.

As we all know, the price of EPDM rubber is quite high, the vulcanization rate is slower during vulcanization, and the processing performance is not good, so it will bring certain difficulties to the production process and production cost of solid seal manufacturer; EPDM reclaimed rubber It is the product of EPDM unvulcanized rubber compound or waste EPDM rubber product recycling and processing. It retains the original basic performance characteristics of EPDM rubber, and its plasticity, fluidity, vulcanization flatness and shrinkage are superior. EPDM rubber; therefore, the use of a certain proportion of EPDM reclaimed rubber in the EPDM solid seal production formula can reduce the production cost and improve the processing performance of the rubber compound, especially the vulcanization performance and vulcanization speed.

3. EPDM rubber combined with chlorosulfonated polyethylene

Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber is a special type of chlorine-containing rubber with high saturated chemical structure prepared by chlorination and chlorosulfonation of polyvinyl chloride as main raw material, which is resistant to deformation, heat resistance and low temperature resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance and electrical insulation; the use of chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber in EPDM rubber seals can further improve the performance and service life of EPDM seals.

Different types of rubber molecular structure and performance characteristics are particularly different. Therefore, when using other types of rubber in the EPDM solid sealing strip to improve the processing performance of the rubber compound, prolong the service life of the rubber sealing strip, and reduce the production cost, it must be It is necessary to rationally design the EPDM solid seal strip formula according to the actual situation and the index demand. Later, Xiaobian will talk with you about the design skills of the EPDM solid seal strip production formula.