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The role and adding skills of 10 common carbon blacks in reclaimed rubber (3)

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The role and adding skills of 10 common carbon blacks in reclaimed rubber (3)

There are various types of carbon black, in addition to channel black, wear-resistant carbon black, semi-reinforcing carbon black and coarse-particle spray carbon black, thermal cracking carbon black, etc. The effect and application skills of black in the production of recycled rubber products are very different. Xiaobian continues to share with you the special effects and application skills of various carbon black in reclaimed rubber1JLYY1010.

6 semi-reinforcing carbon black: It has the dual functions of reinforcing and filling. It has good dispersibility in reclaimed rubber. It can not improve the mechanical strength of reclaimed rubber vulcanizate and improve the processing performance of rubber compound. The reclaimed rubber vulcanizate, which usually uses semi-reinforcing carbon black, has high tensile strength, high elasticity, small compression deformation, low heat generation, and good aging resistance.

It should be noted here that the addition of semi-reinforcing carbon black has lower tensile strength, constant tensile stress and hardness, and is suitable for reclaimed rubber products that have double requirements for mechanical strength and elasticity. Rubber products manufacturers often use semi-reinforcing rubber. Carbon black is used in combination with high wear-resistant furnace black to coordinate the relationship between various indexes of recycled rubber products. The semi-reinforcing carbon black is mainly processed by the oil furnace method and the gas furnace method. The particle size of the semi-reinforcing carbon black produced by the oil furnace method is slightly smaller than that of the gas furnace method, and the structure is slightly higher. The hardness, tensile stress and elasticity of the vulcanized rubber after vulcanization are slightly better.

7 spray carbon black: After the process of heating, removing slag, etc., the rock oil is transformed into a combustion chamber, a chemical reaction chamber and other equipment by a spray nozzle, and the carbon black is a coarse carbon black with a high degree of structure. . The sprayed carbon black has good dispersibility in the reclaimed rubber and can be filled in a large amount to achieve multiple effects of improving the elasticity and resilience of the reclaimed vulcanized rubber, reducing heat generation, reducing deformation and improving the low temperature performance of the rubber compound. Under normal circumstances, the spray carbon black has poor reinforcing effect in the reclaimed rubber, and the vulcanized rubber has low tensile strength and a slightly high tensile stress, which requires special attention.

8 Thermal cracking carbon black: high structure and coarse particle size (the product with the coarsest particle size in carbon black), the reinforcing effect in reclaimed rubber is very weak, usually used as rubber filler; used in the production of recycled rubber products The thermal black carbon black is filled, and the vulcanized rubber vulcanized rubber has higher elasticity and elongation at break than that of the vulcanized rubber which is not filled with the rubber filler.

Due to the high price of carbon black on the market, when using recycled rubber to produce rubber products, it is not recommended to use a large amount of products such as spray carbon black or thermal black carbon, and it is necessary to use it. Low-cost rubber fillers reduce production costs. Are there any products with special properties in many varieties of carbon black products, are you interested?