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Selection of rubber oil in rubber sealing products

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Selection of rubber oil in rubber sealing products

Different types of rubber molecular structure and performance characteristics vary widely, can meet the performance requirements of rubber sealing products in different applications; rubber oils are numerous, in the production of rubber sealing products are mainly used to improve the elasticity, resilience, flexibility, Low temperature flexibility; each rubber oil has unique structural characteristics and compatibility with rubber; then, as an essential compounding agent in sealing products, how is rubber oil selected in different types of sealing products?

1. Different rubber oils used in different rubbers

Sealing products are a large category in rubber products. Different types of rubber sealing products use different rubber compounds, so it is necessary to use different types of rubber oil. High natural rubber unsaturation, neoprene, nitrile rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, strong aromatic, aromatic hydrocarbon oil, high-saturation ethylene-propylene rubber and EPDM rubber, paraffin oil or naphthenic oil It is appropriate.

2. The same kind of rubber sealing products can be used with different kinds of rubber oil.

The performance requirements of rubber sealing products produced by the same kind of rubber are different, and the formulas are very different. It is necessary to use different types of rubber oils; taking natural rubber dustproof seals as an example, as a typical crystalline rubber in the production of such as dustproof parts. For small rubber products, rubber oil with large volume and small content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons has less influence on molecular crystallization performance, and can maintain good physical and mechanical strength. In addition to aromatic rubber oil, naphthenic oil can also be used together; Different types of rubber can also be used for different nitrile rubber sealing products.

3. Rubber seal products choose environmentally friendly rubber oil

Environmental protection has become the most important and basic industry standard in all walks of life. More rubber sealing products manufacturers are also transforming into green and environmental protection; but for environmentally friendly rubber seals, aromatic oil can improve the processing of rubber sealing products. Process and various mechanical indexes, but a large amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contained in aromatic oils that can give good compatibility between rubber oil and rubber will cause environmental pollution and endanger human health during processing and use of rubber sealing products. It must be replaced with environmentally friendly rubber oil.

Tall oil is liquid rosin. The main components are stearic acid and rosin acid. It has good compatibility with various natural rubber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber. It can improve the processing technology of rubber compound, promote the uniform dispersion of compounding agent and reduce the discoloration and migration of products. And the probability of occurrence of bubbles is an ideal product for rubber products manufacturers to produce environmentally friendly rubber products.