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Additives for zinc oxide in reclaimed rubber waterstops

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Additives for zinc oxide in reclaimed rubber waterstops

The use of recycled rubber with natural rubber and synthetic rubber to produce rubber waterstop can not only reduce the cost of rubber compound, but also improve the processing technology of rubber compound. Among them, zinc oxide is the most commonly used compounding agent in reclaimed rubber waterstop, and the correct use of zinc oxide. The mechanical strength and service life of the reclaimed rubber waterstop can be further improved. What are the specific functions of adding zinc oxide to the reclaimed rubber waterstop, what skills do you need to master?

Ordinary zinc oxide can be used as a reinforcing agent, active agent and coloring agent in the processing of rubber products. It can activate the vulcanization system together with stearic acid, increase the crosslinking density, improve the aging resistance of vulcanized rubber, and improve the rubber compound with magnesium oxide. Anti-scorch performance; adding appropriate amount of zinc oxide in the reclaimed rubber waterstop can improve the tensile strength, hardness, and tensile stress of the waterstop, and improve the heat resistance and aging resistance of the waterstop.

Compared with ordinary zinc oxide, active zinc oxide has fine particles, large specific surface area, excellent dispersibility and adsorption, and can be uniformly dispersed in the reclaimed rubber waterstop rubber compound. It has higher activity in the rubber compound and can significantly improve the reclaimed rubber. The cross-linking density, mechanical properties, tear resistance, anti-friction and anti-aging properties of the water-stop rubber compound improve the vulcanization degree of the reclaimed rubber, the stability of the vulcanized rubber, and the processing safety, and the produced reclaimed rubber waterstop is not easy to produce. Cracks, long service life.

Zinc oxide can improve the mechanical strength of reclaimed rubber compound. Reasonable use of zinc oxide can increase the proportion of reclaimed rubber and reduce the production cost. The nano-zinc oxide used in the rubber industry has small particle size, large surface area and many surface active groups. Cross-linking with reclaimed rubber, forming a large number of monosulfide bonds, high bond energy, thereby improving the crosslink density, thermal stability and chemical stability of the rubber compound, improving the aging resistance and compression set property of the reclaimed rubber waterstop, and prolonging Recycled rubber water stop tape life.

Different types of zinc oxide play different roles in the reclaimed rubber waterstop rubber compound. Manufacturers can select suitable products according to actual needs. It should be noted that zinc oxide can improve the processing technology and performance of recycled rubber waterstops, but Excessive dosage will precipitate on the surface of the waterstop. The dosage should be controlled between 3-5 parts. The activity of nano-zinc oxide is higher than that of ordinary zinc oxide, so the dosage should be reduced appropriately.