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Common nitrile reclaimed rubber application range and application skills

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Common nitrile reclaimed rubber application range and application skills

The properties of nitrile reclaimed rubber and nitrile rubber are basically the same, and the oil resistance is excellent. It has good temperature performance for non-polar or weakly polar mineral oil, liquid fuel and solvent. The air tightness is second only to butyl rubber/ Recycled rubber, rubber products produced by replacing nitrile rubber can be used for a long time in an environment of 120 ° C, which significantly reduces the cost of raw materials. In actual production, what kind of rubber products can be replaced by nitrile rubber, but what problems should I pay attention to? 1JLYY920?

1. The scope of application of nitrile reclaimed rubber

The nitrile reclaimed rubber which is processed by crushing, desulfurization and refining of waste nitrile rubber products such as nitrile rubber gloves and nitrile gloves and nitrile water gel retains the basic performance characteristics of nitrile rubber, and can usually replace Ding Nitrile rubber produces a variety of oil-resistant rubber products, such as oil-resistant seals, oil-resistant gaskets, oil-resistant gaskets, etc.; either alone or in combination with nitrile rubber to produce oil-resistant rubber rollers, oil-resistant hoses, industrial supplies, nitrile adhesives, etc. The nitrile reclaimed rubber has good wear resistance and can also be used to produce various wear parts and shock absorbing blocks.

2. It is not advisable to use rubber products of nitrile reclaimed rubber.

The cyano group contained in the nitrile rubber obtained by polymerizing butadiene and acrylonitrile can impart excellent oil resistance to the rubber; however, the cyano group is easily polarized by electric field, resulting in a decrease in the dielectric properties of the rubber compound, which is a typical semiconductor material and resistant. Excellent electrostatic properties and poor electrical insulation properties, can not be used to produce a variety of electrical insulation rubber products. Therefore, nitrile reclaimed rubber is also not suitable as a rubber raw material for preparing insulating articles.

3. Precautions for using nitrile reclaimed rubber

(1) Rubber: When using nitrile reclaimed rubber instead of nitrile rubber to produce rubber products, rubber products manufacturers must first select the appropriate index of nitrile reclaimed rubber according to the specific needs of the product to determine the amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the formula. When the nitrile reclaimed rubber and the nitrile rubber are used together to produce rubber products, since the reclaimed rubber itself has good plasticity, the nitrile rubber is usually masticated and then mixed with the nitrile reclaimed rubber; When rubber is selected, it is segmented and masticated, and it is fully masticated at low temperature, small roll distance and small capacity.

(2) Formulation: When using nitrile reclaimed rubber or nitrile reclaimed rubber/original rubber alone and used in the production of rubber products, the commonly used vulcanization system includes ordinary sulfur promoter vulcanization, low sulfur combination, sulfur-free vulcanization system or peroxide vulcanization system. . Carbon black, white carbon black, hard clay, etc. are commonly used in the reinforcing filling system, and the spray carbon black in the carbon black can improve the process performance and improve the physical index of the rubber compound. Due to the poor processing property of the nitrile raw rubber itself, the amount of plasticizer and softener in the nitrile reclaimed rubber product containing nitrile rubber should be appropriately increased.

(3) Combination of rubber: When producing rubber products with nitrile reclaimed rubber, rubber products manufacturers can use nitrile reclaimed rubber together with nitrile rubber to further improve the mechanical strength and oil resistance of NBR products; it can also be combined with natural rubber and styrene-butadiene. Rubber, butadiene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, neoprene rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber and other rubber compounds are used together to improve the process performance and comprehensive indicators of rubber products.

As a replacement material for nitrile rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber is irreplaceable in nitrile rubber products. When using nitrile reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, selecting the appropriate reclaimed rubber and rationally designing the nitrile reclaimed rubber product formula can not only reduce the cost, but also further optimize the processing technology performance and comprehensive performance of the nitrile rubber products.