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Nitrile seal ring formula design skills - reinforcement system

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Nitrile seal ring formula design skills - reinforcement system

The rubber reinforcing filling system can improve the wear resistance, tensile strength, tear strength and anti-swelling property of the rubber compound, and can also improve the rubber processing technology and reduce the production cost, and is the largest compounding system in the production of rubber products. . When using nitrile rubber or nitrile reclaimed rubber to produce oil-resistant rubber sealing ring, reasonable design of reinforcing filling system can improve the comprehensive index of nitrile sealing ring and prolong the service life of sealing ring.

There are many kinds of reinforcing agents and fillers in the rubber product reinforcing filling system, such as carbon black, white carbon black, calcium carbonate, silicate, clay, etc. Which materials are suitable for the production of nitrile rubber sealing rings?

Carbon black

Nitrile rubber itself lacks self-reinforcing properties, and its crystallization ability is very poor in the stretched state. The physical mechanical strength of the nitrile reclaimed rubber is slightly different from that of the original rubber. Therefore, the reinforcing agent is very important in the processing of the nitrile seal. In general, nitrile seals are required to have good oil resistance, aging resistance, compression set resistance and certain physical and mechanical strength. Therefore, reinforcing carbon black and other types are usually used in the production of nitrile seals. Carbon black is used together in order to obtain a rubber compound with better comprehensive performance; when the mechanical strength such as tensile strength and wear resistance is particularly high, high wear-resistant carbon black, medium-super wear-resistant carbon black, etc. can be selected; Elasticity requires the use of coarse particle carbon black.

2. Light color reinforcing filler

In the production process of light-colored nitrile rubber seals, it is necessary to use light-colored reinforcing agent. The use of silica-based thermosetting phenolic resin and polyvinyl chloride resin can improve the physical and mechanical properties of nitrile rubber/recycled rubber seals. Heat resistance and oil resistance. After the surface activation treatment of clay, magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate, the nitrile rubber compound also has a certain reinforcing effect, especially the active calcium carbonate, which can further reduce the production cost of the nitrile sealing ring and improve the rubber compound. Physical and mechanical properties and process performance.

3. The amount of each compounding agent in the nitrile oil-resistant sealing ring reinforcing filling system

When using nitrile rubber and nitrile reclaimed rubber to produce oil-resistant sealing ring, the amount of high-wearing carbon black can be controlled in about 50-60 parts, the amount of semi-reinforcing furnace black can be increased to 100 parts, and the amount of channel black carbon is controlled at 50. The amount of light-colored non-reinforcing filler in the reinforcing filling system should be controlled. For example, the clay itself has large permanent deformation and poor elasticity, and the excessive amount directly affects the sealing effect of the nitrile oil-resistant sealing ring.

Reasonable design of the reinforcing filling system of nitrile rubber sealing ring can not only improve the processing performance and physical and mechanical strength of the sealing ring, but also reduce the cost of raw materials; nitrile rubber and nitrile reclaimed rubber are ideal materials for producing rubber sealing rings. However, there are some differences between the different grades and different manufacturers of nitrile rubber and nitrile reclaimed rubber. The rubber seal indexes under different use occasions need to be very different, and it is necessary to adjust the reinforcing filling system of nitrile oil resistant seals reasonably.