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Why oil-resistant rubber sheet is mixed with nitrile reclaimed rubber

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Why oil-resistant rubber sheet is mixed with nitrile reclaimed rubber

The oil-resistant rubber sheet is a sheet rubber product with a certain thickness and a large area which is made of oil-resistant rubber as the main raw material. Nitrile rubber and neoprene rubber are two kinds of synthetic rubbers with excellent oil resistance, and the price of nitrile rubber is common. Low price than neoprene, it is the first choice for oil-resistant rubber sheets; but at present, many companies choose to use nitrile reclaimed rubber in oil-resistant rubber sheets when producing oil-resistant rubber sheets. Why?

1. Nitrile reclaimed rubber has good compatibility with oil resistant rubber sheet compound

The nitrile reclaimed rubber raw materials are sub-branded nitrile rubber, nitrile water gel and waste nitrile rubber products such as nitrile gloves. The process is processed by multiple processes. The molecular structure and performance characteristics are basically the same as those of nitrile rubber. Good rubber compatibility (the reason why nitrile reclaimed rubber is perfectly compatible with nitrile rubber is not to be said).

2. Nitrile reclaimed rubber can reduce the production cost of oil resistant rubber sheet

In terms of market conditions this year, the price of nitrile rubber has continued to rise since July. For example, the highest price of Lanhua nitrile rubber 3305E reached 24,500 yuan/ton in September, an increase of more than 20%; although the market price of nitrile rubber after September A slight decline, but as of the end of October (2018.10.31) Shanghai area nitrile rubber 3305E market price is still 23,600 yuan / ton; then look at the reclaimed rubber market, the market price of nitrile reclaimed rubber has been maintained compared with nitrile rubber In a relatively stable state, even the high-glued nitrile reclaimed rubber product price is below 8,000 yuan / ton, only 1/3 of the original rubber price, so the use of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the oil-resistant rubber sheet It can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, which is the most important reason for oil-resistant rubber sheet enterprises to choose nitrile reclaimed rubber.

3. Nitrile reclaimed rubber can improve the production process of oil resistant rubber sheet

Waste nitrile rubber or waste nitrile rubber products undergo strict desulfurization, filtration and other processes during processing. The molecular structure is severely damaged and fully smelted. Therefore, its fluidity and plasticity are better than that of nitrile rubber. The shrinkage is small, the dimensional stability is good, and the surface of the calendered film is smooth. When used in the production of oil-resistant rubber sheets in nitrile rubber, the processing technology of the rubber compound can be obviously improved, and the production energy consumption can be reduced.

As an ideal substitute for nitrile rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber is low in price and good in processing performance. So why is it just "mixed" rather than "completely used"? I would like to say that all things are mixed with good and bad. The elasticity and strength of nitrile reclaimed rubber have a certain gap with the original rubber. Therefore, if the completely used nitrile reclaimed rubber will lead to the deterioration of the quality of the oil resistant rubber sheet, The best solution is to use the nitrile reclaimed rubber in the nitrile rubber. The specific dosage is determined according to the nitrile reclaimed rubber index and the specific requirements of the oil resistant rubber sheet.