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The role of a small amount of EPDM compound in other rubbers 1

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The role of a small amount of EPDM compound in other rubbers 1

EPDM rubber has excellent ozone resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance and other aging resistance properties. It is widely used in housing construction, wire and cable, automobile industry and other fields. The products have good performance and long service life. In actual production, EPDM rubber can not only be used as the main material, but also can be used in small amounts in various rubbers to further improve the overall performance of rubber products. So what are the specific functions of a small amount of EPDM compound in other types of rubber?

1. EPDM compound improves the aging resistance of natural rubber

EPDM rubber has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures and aging resistance. A small amount of EPDM or EPDM reclaimed rubber mixed with natural rubber can significantly improve the aging resistance of natural rubber products, especially ozone resistance 2LLYY731 and heat resistance. It should be noted that the addition of EPDM compound will cause the tensile strength, elongation at break, resilience and flex resistance of natural rubber to decrease, so the blending ratio of ethylene propylene rubber is generally controlled at B 20%-30% of the total amount of acrylic rubber/natural rubber.

2. EPDM compound improves the aging resistance of SBR

Styrene butadiene rubber has good wear resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance. The use of a small amount of EPDM in rubber products with styrene butadiene rubber as the main raw material can further improve the ozone resistance, weather resistance and Heat aging resistance, especially in light-colored styrene butadiene rubber products. When using EPDM rubber to improve the performance of styrene-butadiene rubber products, it is recommended to use styrene-butadiene rubber as the main operating oil, and appropriately increase the amount of rubber oil such as naphthenic oil according to the blending amount of EPDM rubber (generally 20- 25%).

3. EPDM compound improves the aging resistance and low temperature resistance of neoprene

Neoprene rubber has excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, but its low temperature performance is not good. Adding an appropriate amount of EPDM compound to the formulation of neoprene products can significantly improve the low temperature performance of neoprene, and further improve the light resistance and ozone resistance of the product. Theoretically, EPDM compound can be blended with chloroprene rubber in any ratio, but the addition of EPDM rubber will reduce the oil resistance of chloroprene rubber, and its blending amount is usually controlled between 20%-30%.

EPDM rubber has very low unsaturation and slow vulcanization speed, which is very different from the sulfur vulcanizability of diene rubber with high unsaturation. The mixing ratio should be controlled reasonably. At the same time, EPDM rubber and butyl rubber with low unsaturation can be blended in any proportion. Among them, EPDM/butyl rubber blends are typical of rubber combined use. The editor will continue to work with you in the next issue Share the specific role of a small amount of EPDM in other rubbers.