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Preparation of rubber foam material from EPDM and SBR

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Preparation of rubber foam material from EPDM and SBR

EPDM rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging properties, and the rubber foam materials produced are widely used in various fields such as cushioning, shock absorption, thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc. However, the use of EPDM foam materials in the process Medium wear resistance is poor, easy to slip; in order to improve the wear resistance and anti-slip properties of EPDM foam materials, rubber product manufacturers add styrene-butadiene rubber to their formulations to further improve the wear resistance of foam materials; What problems should be paid attention to when using EPDM/styrene-butadiene rubber to produce foam materials?

1. Pay attention to the amount of SBR

EPDM rubber is made by copolymerization of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated diene. Styrene-butadiene rubber is a copolymer of polystyrene and butadiene. EPDM/SBR co-adhesive has higher cross-link density and resistance to permanent deformation. Wear resistance is better. However, EPDM rubber can only be compatible with a small amount of styrene-butadiene rubber. Too much styrene-butadiene rubber is added and the effect is reduced. Therefore, when the EPDM foam material is improved by adding styrene-butadiene rubber, it must be reasonably controlled. The amount of rubber added. Tests show that the compatibility of 70 parts of EPDM rubber and 30 parts of styrene-butadiene rubber reaches a critical value.

2. Control the quality of raw materials

When using EPDM and styrene-butadiene rubber together to prepare rubber foam materials, rubber product manufacturers must strictly control the quality of rubber materials, store rubber raw materials in a cool, ventilated environment, avoid mixing with water, etc. It is worth mentioning that many EPDM/SBR foam materials now use a certain proportion of EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce raw material costs; in actual production, rubber product manufacturers need to choose high-fineness, impurity-free EPDM regeneration Adhesive to ensure smooth and even foaming of foamed materials; choose to cooperate with regular reclaimed rubber plants to ensure the quality and quality stability of EPDM reclaimed rubber.

For various compounding agents that need to be used, rubber product manufacturers must park them according to their parking requirements. Do not mix two or more compounding agents.

3. Reasonable design coordination system

When using EPDM/styrene-butadiene rubber or EPDM/EPDM/styrene-butadiene rubber to prepare foamed rubber materials, reasonable adjustment of the formula can further improve the comprehensive index of rubber products; for those containing recycled rubber As for the foaming material 2LLYY616, adjusting the formula can further increase the blending amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber while ensuring product quality and reduce more raw material costs.

In actual production, when the relationship between the vulcanization speed and the foaming speed is coordinated by the formulation in the production of EPDM/styrene butadiene rubber foam material, it is best to adjust the type of vulcanizing agent and accelerator after determining the foaming system Adjust the vulcanization speed with the dosage, use zinc oxide and stearic acid together to match the foaming speed; use carbon black or white carbon black for reinforcement, talc powder, activated calcium carbonate filling, further reduce costs and improve the physical machinery of rubber foam materials Strength and processing performance; when selecting anti-aging agents and plasticizers, the influence of the compounding agent on the vulcanization process and foaming process of the rubber compound should also be considered, and the use of easily extractable and volatile compounding agents should be avoided.

When using EPDM/recycled rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber to prepare EPDM foam materials, rubber product manufacturers must pay attention to styrene-butadiene rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber (if the formulation contains EPDM reclaimed rubber) ) Addition amount, strictly control the quality of rubber raw materials and various compounding agents, properly adjust the compounding system, improve the performance of rubber foam materials and reduce more raw material costs.