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Blending skills of recycled rubber in the production of ethylene-propylene rubber bathroom pads

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Blending skills of recycled rubber in the production of ethylene-propylene rubber bathroom pads

Bathroom cushions made of EPDM rubber as the main raw material have excellent non-slip properties, water resistance, and aging resistance, and are widely used in various types of bathrooms (such as family bathrooms, hotel bathrooms, large baths, etc.). Recycled rubber, as a renewable resource for the recovery and reprocessing of waste rubber products, has a wide range of raw material sources and low product prices. It can be used in a variety of rubber products to reduce raw material costs. When EPDM rubber is used to produce bathroom pads, rubber product manufacturers can use recycled rubber in an appropriate amount to reduce raw material costs.

1. Which reclaimed rubber can be used in EPR rubber bathroom mats

EPDM rubber itself has a slow vulcanization speed, and it is difficult to achieve a good blending effect with other types of unsaturated rubber, and the viscosity of the rubber compound is poor, and it is difficult to process. Therefore, recycled rubber is used in the EPDM rubber bathroom pad formulation At the time, it is best to use EPDM reclaimed rubber, which has good processing performance and can further improve the vulcanization performance of EPDM rubber to a certain extent. When using EPDM and EPDM to produce bathroom pads, environmentally friendly EPDM and odorless EPDM are generally selected to avoid harmful substances affecting human health.

At present, the EPDM recycled rubber on the market is mainly black and white gray. When using EPDM to produce light-colored bathroom cushions, it is best to use white-grey EPDM to reduce the cost of color matching It can also effectively avoid the problem of discoloration of the bathroom rubber pad 2LLYY519 during use. In the actual production, rubber product manufacturers can combine the indicators and cost budgets of bathroom rubber pads to select EPDM reclaimed rubber with appropriate indicators and reasonably determine the amount of reclaimed rubber blended.

2. Reference formula for bathroom pads containing EPDM reclaimed rubber

70 parts of EPDM rubber, 30 parts of EPDM rubber, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 2 parts of stearic acid, 25 parts of white carbon black, 25 parts of talc, 50 parts of paraffin oil, 0.8 parts of triethanolamine, titanium 1 part of white powder, 0.1 part of colorant, 2 parts of silane coupling agent, 0.6 parts of mold inhibitor, 1.5 parts of accelerator, 2 parts of vulcanizing agent DTDM, 1.5 parts of sulfur; total: 216.5 parts.

3. Application and processing skills of reclaimed rubber in bathroom cushions

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber in EPDM rubber bathroom mats to reduce costs, rubber product manufacturers need to determine the blending amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber according to actual needs, or even use EPDM reclaimed rubber instead of EPDM raw rubber . In actual production, comprehensively consider the processing temperature of EPDM raw rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber, adjust the rubber mixing process and vulcanization process reasonably, choose segmented plastic mixing, fully plasticize the raw rubber; rubber mixing and vulcanization Strictly control the pressure, temperature and time during the process, and clean up the production equipment in time to avoid mixing impurities in the production process.

Reasonable use of EPDM reclaimed rubber in EPDM rubber bathroom mats, and reasonable adjustment of rubber product formulas can save power consumption while reducing raw material costs, and further improve the tensile strength and tear elongation of bathroom mats Rate and other indicators, and then improve the price-performance ratio of EPDM bathroom pads and improve the economic efficiency of manufacturers. The use of EPDM rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber can also produce foamed bathroom cushions, and the editor will continue to discuss with you later.