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Application of natural reclaimed rubber in shock-absorbing materials

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Application of natural reclaimed rubber in shock-absorbing materials

Natural reclaimed rubber, that is, latex reclaimed rubber, has good compatibility with natural rubber, and can directly replace natural rubber to produce shock-absorbing materials, reduce raw material costs and production energy consumption. When using latex reclaimed rubber in a formula that uses natural rubber as the main raw material, rubber product manufacturers need to reasonably select reclaimed rubber according to the physical properties of shock-absorbing materials, rubber product cost budget and other factors, reasonably control the amount of latex reclaimed rubber, and adjust the formula appropriately. Optimize the indicators of shock-absorbing materials.

1. Selection of natural recycled rubber

(1) Index: When natural rubber shock-absorbing materials use latex reclaimed rubber, rubber product manufacturers need to select the appropriate variety of latex reclaimed rubber according to the performance requirements of shock-absorbing materials. Theoretically, the higher the rubber content of latex reclaimed rubber, the closer the index is to natural rubber.

(2) Cost: The natural reclaimed rubber on the market can be divided into black natural reclaimed rubber, white latex reclaimed rubber and various colored natural latex reclaimed rubber (red, green natural reclaimed rubber, etc.) according to the color, among which black latex with the same index Recycled rubber is cheaper than white latex reclaimed rubber. Therefore, when using natural reclaimed rubber to reduce the production cost of dark-colored shock-absorbing materials, it is recommended that manufacturers choose black natural reclaimed rubber with higher cost performance to reduce more raw material costs.

2. Application method of natural reclaimed rubber in shock-absorbing materials

When using natural reclaimed rubber to reduce the production cost of shock-absorbing materials, rubber product manufacturers can choose to use latex reclaimed rubber alone, or to combine natural rubber with natural reclaimed rubber. In general, the natural rubber 2LLYY710 with a higher rubber content can replace more natural rubber and reduce the cost of raw materials. Rubber product manufacturers can also use a certain percentage of butadiene rubber or styrene-butadiene rubber in the formulation of shock-absorbing materials to further improve the overall performance of shock-absorbing materials.

3. Adjust the performance of shock-absorbing materials containing natural reclaimed rubber

The performance requirements of shock-absorbing materials in different use occasions are different. The use of natural recycled rubber to prepare cost-effective shock-absorbing materials can meet the performance requirements of different products by adjusting the type and dosage of the compounding agent in the formula. When natural rubber and natural reclaimed rubber are used together to produce low-hardness shock-absorbing materials (30-40 degrees), since natural rubber is a self-reinforcing rubber, it is not necessary to add reinforcing fillers or use a small amount of carbon black in the formula; natural rubber production For shock-absorbing materials with high hardness requirements, the amount of reinforcing fillers, such as carbon black, can be increased appropriately.

In actual production, rubber product manufacturers can further adjust the amount of vulcanizing agent and accelerator in the vulcanizing system, or adjust the formula softening system and filling system to further coordinate the hardness, tensile strength, fixed tensile stress and elongation at break of the shock-absorbing material. And the relationship between wear resistance and other indicators. Studying the application skills of natural reclaimed rubber in shock-absorbing materials can further increase the amount of natural rubber. Even latex reclaimed rubber can be used instead of natural rubber to solve the problem of shortage of rubber resources and waste rubber pollution.