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Influencing factors and blend techniques of recycled latex compound

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Influencing factors and blend techniques of recycled latex compound

The latex reclaimed rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products has high mechanical strength and good elasticity. It can directly replace natural rubber to produce various products and reduce raw material costs. When using recycled latex to produce rubber products, the quality of the mixed rubber directly determines the performance and service life of the finished product; then in actual production, what factors will affect the blend of the latex recycled rubber compounded rubber, and which methods should be paid attention to during the blend process With tips?

1. Factors affecting the blend process of latex reclaimed rubber

The commonly used equipment for rubber blend is internal mixer and open mixer. When the latex reclaimed rubber is mixed with an internal mixer, the loading capacity, rotor speed, top plug pressure, feeding sequence, discharge temperature, blend time, cooling temperature and other factors will affect the latex reclaimed rubber blend index. The capacity, roll speed, roll distance, roll temperature, time and feeding sequence of the rubber mixer are the main factors affecting the quality of the latex reclaimed rubber compound. In order to ensure that the reclaimed rubber is mixed evenly (especially when latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber are used together), rubber product manufacturers generally choose a mixer with regular work.

2. Latex reclaimed rubber blend skills

During the blend process of latex reclaimed rubber, rubber product manufacturers need to set the blend process parameters reasonably according to the processing performance requirements of reclaimed rubber and other rubbers. If necessary, they can be mixed in sections. In actual production, when latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber are used together, the natural rubber should be fully kneaded and then mixed with reclaimed rubber. Reasonable control of the feeding sequence, cooling method, and timely cleaning of equipment can further improve the quality of latex reclaimed rubber compound.

(1) Adding order: Determine the adding order of various compounding agents 2LLYY622 based on latex reclaimed rubber (if using with other rubbers, the processing performance of two or more rubbers should be considered comprehensively) and the blend process equipment. Generally, rubber reinforcing agents and rubber softeners are added in turn. When there are many oil softeners, they can be added at the same time with reinforcing agents and fillers; vulcanizing agents and accelerators are best added when the rubber is mixed in the open mill. It should be added to the machine (unless there is only an internal mixer), and the overspeed accelerator used in the sulfur vulcanization system should be added at the end to avoid scorch.

(2) Cooling method: When the latex reclaimed rubber tablet is cooled, the rubber product manufacturer can choose air cooling or water seal according to the performance of the production equipment and the rubber material, replace the cooling fluid in time (at least once a week), and add an appropriate amount of soap separator in the water ; The cooling time should at least ensure that the latex reclaimed rubber is cooled to below 60℃.

(3) Cleaning equipment: The equipment should be cleaned in time during the blend of latex reclaimed rubber, especially when the latex reclaimed rubber is used with other rubbers.

Recycled natural latex also needs to be marked with raw materials during the blend process, so as to avoid problems such as missing and misplacement. Strict control of the latex recycled rubber blend process can further improve the comprehensive index of latex recycled rubber products and reduce more raw material costs. Later editors will continue to share with you about latex recycled rubber blend temperature, blend time, blend pressure and other processes Parameter setting.