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Adhesive skills in rubber powder in recycled rubber products

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Adhesive skills in rubber powder in recycled rubber products

Recycled rubber and rubber powder are the products of recycling and recycling of waste rubber products. It can reduce the cost of raw materials in the production of rubber products. There are still a large number of rubber products manufacturers who want to use the reclaimed rubber while filling the right amount of rubber powder. To further reduce costs; is it feasible to use rubber powder in recycled rubber products? If it is feasible, what issues should you pay attention to and what are the skills to use?

1. Recycled rubber products can be mixed with rubber powder

With the continuous advancement of reclaimed rubber production technology and production technology, reclaimed rubber has become more and more widely used in rubber products. Rubber sheets, rubber tubes, rubber mats, rubber strips, rubber shoes, tire inner and outer tires, engineering rubber, There are applications in anti-corrosion products; in theory, a certain proportion of rubber powder can be used in rubber products containing reclaimed rubber or completely using reclaimed rubber, but the method of use is different. In ordinary reclaimed rubber sheets and reclaimed rubber miscellaneous pieces, The rubber powder can be used as one of the main materials; in the middle and high-grade rubber products containing the reclaimed rubber, the rubber powder is used as a filler to increase the volume of the product.

The rubber powder processed from the waste rubber product has better compatibility with the reclaimed rubber than the inorganic filler, and is advantageous for the quality and cost of the reclaimed rubber.

2. Recycled rubber products should be selected when using rubber powder

The rubber powder products processed from waste rubber products mainly include tire rubber powder, ethylene-propylene rubber powder and nitrile rubber powder. Different types of recycled rubber products require different rubber powders. For example, nitrile rubber powder is generally added to oil-resistant recycled rubber products. Recycled rubber products with excellent anti-aging properties are required to use ethylene-propylene rubber powder, ordinary low-grade rubber sheets, rubber blocks, rubber miscellaneous pieces, etc. tire rubber powder can be used; recycled rubber products can be divided into molded rubber products according to production methods. Extrusion type rubber products, injection type rubber products, etc., in which extruded fine reclaimed rubber products and injection type reclaimed rubber products need to use higher fineness rubber powder, and reclaimed rubber products requiring smooth and bright surface also require high fineness. Recycled rubber and rubber powder.

3. Recycled rubber products should be controlled when blended with rubber powder

Recycled rubber is processed as a rubber resource for waste rubber products. The performance index is slightly different from that of the original rubber. In theory, the use of recycled rubber in rubber products will reduce some mechanical strength and performance (can be adjusted by formula); The main material or the filling material will affect the comprehensive physical properties of the rubber compound to a certain extent. Therefore, when rubber powder is added to the rubber product containing reclaimed rubber, it is necessary to pay attention to the proportion of the rubber powder blending, not too much, and all the recycled rubber products. Quality is the benchmark.

4. Recycled rubber products should be treated when mixed with rubber powder

The rubber powder is a powdery substance pulverized from waste rubber products, and the surface is inert. The interfacial layer is present in the reclaimed rubber. The excessive amount directly leads to a significant decrease in the mechanical properties of the reclaimed rubber product; research shows that if the rubber powder is surfaced After the treatment, the activated rubber powder has better compatibility with the rubber compound, and can improve the use performance and service life of the recycled rubber product while increasing the amount of the rubber powder.

In summary, recycled rubber products can be mixed with rubber powder, but you need to pay attention to a lot of skills, do you have better suggestions?