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Filler properties affect reclaimed rubber calendering and extrusion process

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Filler properties affect reclaimed rubber calendering and extrusion process

In the production of reclaimed rubber products, rubber fillers can not only improve certain properties of rubber compounds, but also further reduce production costs. The amount of recycled rubber products is second only to reclaimed rubber. Calendering and extruding are important processes in the processing of reclaimed rubber products. The shrinkage rate, expansion ratio and smoothness of the rubber compound will affect the finish of the calendering and extrusion process. The rubber filler properties affect the shrinkage of the rubber compound. The important factors such as the expansion ratio directly affect the rolling and pressing process of the recycled rubber product 1JLYY93.

1. Calendering effect of rubber filler

The calendering effect is a phenomenon in which the calendered film exhibits a difference in physical and mechanical properties in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Generally, the longitudinal tensile strength is large, the elongation is small, the shrinkage is small, the transverse direction is small, the elongation is large, and the shrinkage is small. In the production process of reclaimed rubber products, usually the inorganic filler causes the calendering effect due to the long axis of the particles or the sheet shape of the particles in the direction of calendering or extrusion, and the surface activity of the commonly used reinforcing carbon black itself is calendered and pressed out of the reclaimed rubber. no effect.

2. The structure and dosage of carbon black affect the pressure of the reclaimed rubber

Carbon black is the most commonly used reinforcing filler in the production process of reclaimed rubber products. The surface activity of the carbon black is basically not affected by the calendering and extrusion of the rubber compound, but the structure and dosage will be calendered to a certain extent. Extrusion has an impact. Under normal circumstances, the high-structural carbon black has a significant effect on the reclaimed rubber extrusion process. When the amount of carbon black exceeds 35 parts, the effect is irreversible; the higher the amount of carbon black in the recycled rubber product, the rubber mouth shape The smaller the expansion ratio is; in summary, the amount of carbon black used in the production of recycled rubber products should be reasonably controlled.

In the production process of recycled rubber products, rubber filler is an indispensable compounding agent; it can achieve multiple purposes of improving process, improving performance and reducing cost. However, in actual production, the nature of the rubber filler directly affects the calendering and extrusion properties of the reclaimed rubber. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable filler and control the amount of the reclaimed rubber filler.

It is worth mentioning that the purpose of using recycled rubber in rubber products is to reduce the cost of raw materials and production costs, but the price of some rubber fillers is higher than the price of recycled rubber itself. Therefore, from the perspective of cost, the formula of recycled rubber products The use of medium and high-priced rubber fillers also needs reasonable control. Regarding the specific amount of various rubber fillers in recycled rubber products, Xiaobian has the opportunity to share with you according to the type of products.