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Design of Reinforcement Filling System for Small Passenger Cars with Reclaimed Rubber

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Design of Reinforcement Filling System for Small Passenger Cars with Reclaimed Rubber

The passenger car tire is one of the most common rubber products in life. It requires high elasticity, wear resistance, flex resistance, cushioning, low heat generation and low temperature softness of the rubber compound used. Most rubber products manufacturers adopt Natural rubber + styrene-butadiene rubber + carbon black production method, carbon black is the most important reinforcing agent in the passenger car tires; there are still many manufacturers began to add reclaimed rubber in the formulation, the recycled rubber as a rubber hydrocarbon, carbon black, Is the multi-component rubber elastomer of various compounding agents such as fillers and softeners adjusted for the reinforcing filling system in the passenger car tire formula with the reclaimed rubber?

The reinforcing filling system of rubber products can be divided into two parts: adding reinforcing agent (carbon black, white) which can improve the wear resistance, tear strength, tensile strength, modulus and anti-swelling property of the rubber compound. Carbon black, etc., and fillers (calcium carbonate, clay, talcum powder, etc.) which can increase the volume of rubber, reduce the cost of products, and improve the process performance are one of the main ways for rubber manufacturers to reduce costs and improve product performance. An important component of the reinforcing filling system in the passenger car tire formulation is carbon black.

The tire car tires mostly use tire reclaimed rubber when adding reclaimed rubber. The tire reclaimed rubber is processed from waste tires, and the internal carbon black content is high. When the tire reclaimed rubber is added to the passenger car tire, the carbon black contained in the reclaimed rubber is as precious as the carbon black added to the rubber compound, and the activity of the carbon black is the same as that of the corresponding carbon black initially added to the rubber compound, and the same is true for the calcium carbonate. All reinforcing agents, mineral fillers, including carbon black, need to be considered in the formulation. When selecting the carbon black used in the passenger car tire, the carbon black in the case of non-recycled rubber compound can be used. The filling amount is controlled by 30-40 parts based on the new polymer; and the mineral filler is appropriately reduced (mainly It is the amount of calcium carbonate).

Therefore, when designing a passenger car tire formula containing reclaimed rubber, it is necessary to modify the amount of compounding agent such as carbon black and calcium carbonate according to the reinforcing agent and filler content in the tire reclaimed rubber used, and adjust the reinforcing filling system to meet performance requirements and costs. Under the premise of demand, try to increase the amount of reclaimed rubber and control the amount of carbon black and calcium carbonate. In actual production, rubber products manufacturers usually use recycled rubber to produce black tires; if carbon black is not added to the rubber compound, the color of the rubber will be between gray and black according to the process of reclaimed rubber. It is not feasible to reduce the production cost of colored tires.