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Reinforcing filler in production of reclaimed rubber products

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Reinforcing filler in production of reclaimed rubber products

The use of reclaimed rubber in the production of rubber products, more or less, will add a certain amount of reinforcing filler, which can reduce the cost of raw materials, but also improve the reclaimed rubber processing technology and improve the wear resistance of rubber products. In the selection of recycled rubber products used in the production of reinforcing filler, we should first understand that a few basic knowledge about reinforcing filler:

1, reinforcing filler price is lower, can reduce the production cost of recycled rubber products;

2, high activity of reinforcing fillers and reclaimed rubber can be well integrated to improve the mechanical properties of recycled rubber, anti-aging properties;

3, the higher the purity of the reinforcing filler selected in the reclaimed rubber product formula, the more it can improve the performance of rubber products;

4, reinforcing filler, the higher the fineness, the larger the contact area with the rubber molecules, the more uniform mixing, the better the reinforcing effect;

5, good chemical stability of the reinforcing filler is not only non-toxic and tasteless, easy to store, recycled rubber products in the production process is not prone to migration;

6, in a large number of reinforcing filler products, spherical granular filler can significantly improve the permanent deformation of rubber products and tear strength.

Therefore, in order to choose their own recycled plastic products, reinforcing filler, we must remember: the higher the better filler activity, the fine the fine the better, the higher the stability the better, at the same time, light-colored, white recycled plastic products To choose non-polluting, non-discolored reinforcing filler; Xiaobian to say one more: spherical particulate reinforcing filler better than flake or needle-shaped packing oh.