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Coumarone in recycled rubber products in the role

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Coumarone in recycled rubber products in the role

Coumarone in the production of recycled rubber products have an important role, such as softening, tackifying, plastic, etc., to improve the processing of recycled rubber products, improve product performance. However, the use of coumarone in reclaimed rubber formulations, according to its characteristics, there are many areas need attention, together with the Xiaobian today to see Coumarone in different kinds of recycled rubber products and the role of Use skills!

1. The use of coumarone in butyl reclaimed rubber products, EPDM reclaimed rubber products and nitrile reclaimed rubber products can improve the adhesiveness of rubber compounds and reduce the probability of stripping phenomena after vulcanization of rubber compounds.

2, Coumarone not only has good compatibility with rubber, but also can reduce the phenomenon of blooming, scorched rubber phenomenon and self-sulfur phenomenon in the process of reclaimed rubber products, improve the processing technology of reclaimed rubber material, Improve the degree of dispersion of chemical additives in reclaimed rubber.

3, Coumarone relatively small molecular weight, good fluidity, easy to penetrate, can promote cross-linking reaction and improve the curing efficiency; in the process of recycled rubber compound can increase the molecular chain spacing, reducing the force between the low molecular weight , Improve the elongation at break of recycled rubber, reduce the Mooney viscosity of reclaimed rubber and increase the plasticity.

Phenolic groups in coumarone can improve the anti-aging properties of reclaimed rubber products. At the same time, coumarone's double-bond heterocyclic structure determines its good compatibility with reclaimed rubber, which can be used as softening point in vulcanization, Produce local cross-linking reaction, improve the reinforcing property of reinforcing agent, and then improve the tensile strength, flex resistance and tear strength of recycled rubber products.

Coumarone in plastic products can be plasticized, tackified and improve the regeneration of rubber calendering, extrusion of semi-finished products surface quality and improve the processing technology, but there are several points in the use of need to pay attention to in order to reclaimed rubber Products play a greater role.

1, Coumarone in the recycled rubber products before the best heat, dehydration, improve the quality and stability;

2, pay attention to Coumarone dosage: As coumarone in the use of the process will inhibit the promotion of accelerators, reducing the curing speed of reclaimed rubber products, reducing the heat resistance of rubber, so the amount must be strictly controlled; usually in 100 The amount of coumarone used in reclaimed rubber can not exceed 15 parts.

3, the liquid coumarone has a certain degree of pollution, so avoid the use of environmentally friendly rubber products.

With regard to the use of Coumarone in reclaimed rubber, what else needs attention? Xiao Bian later discussed with you again.