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Application characteristics of three commonly used rubber oils in EPDM solid rubber strips

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Application characteristics of three commonly used rubber oils in EPDM solid rubber strips

During the production of rubber products, rubber oil can improve the elasticity and flexibility of the rubber, improve the processing performance and mixing performance of the rubber; when using EPDM / recycled rubber to produce solid rubber strips, paraffin oil and naphthenic oil are mostly used , Aromatic hydrocarbon oil and other rubber oils with better compatibility with EPDM rubber, to achieve the multiple purposes of improving process performance and reducing production costs. In actual production, the role and usage of paraffin oil, naphthenic oil and aromatic hydrocarbon oil in EPDM solid rubber strips are different.

1. Application characteristics of paraffin oil in EPDM solid rubber strip

Paraffin-based oil is obtained by fractional distillation from paraffin-based crude oil, with paraffins as the main components, low aromatic content, high saturation, low volatile content, light color, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, non-toxic and odorless, suitable for environmental protection and odorless The strict requirements of EPDM solid rubber strips, light-colored rubber strips, etc., further improve the high temperature resistance, anti-ultraviolet performance, anti-oxidative degradation of solid rubber strips.

At present, the use of EPDM rubber to produce solid rubber strips is commonly used for peroxide vulcanization. The paraffin oil itself has a low aromatic content. In the vulcanization process of peroxide vulcanizates, the consumption of vulcanizing agent can be reduced. Dosage.

2. Application characteristics of naphthenic oil in EPDM solid rubber strip

The naphthenic oil extracted from naphthenic crude oil has excellent low temperature performance and good color stability. When it is used as a softener to improve the process performance of EPDM rubber / reclaimed rubber, it has better compatibility with EPDM compounds and can be To a certain extent, improve the tensile strength, tear strength and other indicators of solid core rubber strips. The content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in naphthenic oil 2LLYY417 is low, which is suitable for solid rubber strips with stricter mechanical strength requirements to ensure the environmental protection and safety of finished products.

3. Application characteristics of aromatic hydrocarbon oil in EPDM solid rubber strip

Aromatic hydrocarbon oil, hydrocarbons containing benzene ring structure in the molecule, compatibility with EPDM rubber / reclaimed rubber is better than paraffin oil and naphthenic oil, high temperature resistance, low volatility, can improve rubber in rubber products The material processing technology can also increase the weathering resistance, oxidation resistance, and abrasion resistance of the finished product; the disadvantage is that the aromatic oil is a dark viscous liquid at room temperature, the aromatic content is high, and there is a hidden danger of cancer; generally light-colored rubber products or with the human body EPDM solid rubber strips with large exposure opportunities should not be softened with aromatic oils.

Rubber oil is an indispensable operating aid in the production of EPDM solid rubber strips. The use of rubber oil is reasonable. The solid rubber strips produced from EPDM / recycled rubber have better aging and ozone resistance. Maintain good performance.