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Three reasons for using butyl reclaimed rubber in butyl waterproofing membrane

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Three reasons for using butyl reclaimed rubber in butyl waterproofing membrane

Butyl rubber synthesized from isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene is a typical high-saturation rubber. It has excellent air tightness, good heat resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and strong acid resistance. It is widely used. Production of waterproof membranes. However, in the actual production process, many rubber waterproofing membrane manufacturers have begun to abandon the use of butyl rubber alone, but use butyl reclaimed rubber in the formulation of butyl rubber waterproofing membrane, and even more completely use butyl. Recycled rubber, why is this? What is the advantage of using IIR reclaimed rubber in butyl waterproofing membrane 1JLYY918?

1. Butyl reclaimed rubber can reduce the cost of waterproofing coil raw materials

Butyl reclaimed rubber is processed from waste butyl rubber products such as waste butyl inner tube, butyl water tire and vulcanized capsule. It retains the basic performance characteristics of butyl rubber, and is resistant to gas, heat and chemical. The base rubber is lower in price, and the rubber waterproofing membrane manufacturer selects the low-priced butyl reclaimed rubber with consistent performance in whole or in part to replace the butyl rubber, which naturally reduces the raw material cost. This is also the main reason why butyl waterproofing membrane manufacturers choose butyl reclaimed rubber.

2. Butyl reclaimed rubber can improve the processing technology of waterproof coil

The unique molecular structure of butyl rubber gives the compound good air tightness, water tightness, heat resistance, acid resistance and chemical stability, while leaving some "defects" such as slow vulcanization and poor mutual adhesion. It is difficult for the filler to be uniformly dispersed and the like. On the contrary, the butyl reclaimed rubber has a faster vulcanization speed, better plasticity and calendering extrusion performance, can significantly improve the vulcanization process of the waterproofing membrane, the calendering extrusion rate, increase the dispersion speed of the filler in the rubber compound, and further improve the waterproof membrane. Geometric stability.

3. The production method of waterproofing membrane with butyl reclaimed rubber is more flexible

Butyl rubber has poor compatibility with other rubbers, but the butyl reclaimed rubber processed by many complicated processes is significantly more compatible with other rubbers than butyl rubber, so it is replaced by butyl reclaimed rubber in whole or in part. When butyl rubber is used to produce waterproof materials, it can increase the blending ratio of other rubbers in the formulation, and produce waterproof materials with better comprehensive indexes. Rubber products manufacturers can also adjust the ratio of butyl rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber to adjust the indexes of waterproofing membranes to produce more butyl waterproofing membranes to meet different user needs.

At present, there are three main applications of butyl reclaimed rubber in waterproof materials. One is pure butyl reclaimed rubber to produce waterproofing membrane, and the other is to use butyl rubber to produce more cost-effective waterproofing membrane. The base reclaimed rubber is blended into the EPDM waterproof material to improve the gas permeability, chemical stability and aging resistance of the waterproof coil.

The proportion of butyl reclaimed rubber in different waterproofing membranes is different. There are also great differences in the types and amounts of compounding agents in the formula. Later, Xiaobian will discuss with you how to improve the butyl reclaimed rubber by adjusting the process and formula. The performance of the waterproof membrane, how to further optimize the quality of the butyl waterproofing membrane while reducing the cost.