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Common problems and solutions for butyl inner tube production (3)

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Common problems and solutions for butyl inner tube production (3)

In general, the common problems in the production process of butyl inner tube are basically caused by improper selection of raw materials, improper operation of production process, and failure to clean the production equipment in time. Therefore, carefully select raw materials (including butyl rubber, reclaimed rubber and various kinds). Complementary agents), strict implementation of established process operations, reasonable control of production process conditions, timely cleaning and maintenance of production equipment can avoid the emergence of many defective products.

1. Raw material selection

At present, there are two main ways to produce butyl inner tubes on the market. One is to use butyl rubber to produce inner tubes, and the other is to add a certain proportion of butyl regeneration to inner tubes produced from butyl rubber. Glue can reduce production costs and improve the process performance of the compound. In actual production, if butyl rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber and various compounding agents contain impurities, moisture or other volatile substances, it will bring unavoidable problems to the production of butyl inner tubes.

2. Formulation system coordination

In the butyl inner tube production process, according to the specific requirements of the inner tube, select the appropriate variety of rubber compound and compounding agent, reasonably adjust the butyl inner tube formula, reduce the production cost under the premise of ensuring the quality, and avoid the occurrence of defective products. For example, in the butyl inner tube, the amount of the powdery compounding agent is too much, and the surface of the butyl inner tube will be precipitated, and the inner tube will be sprayed; the amount of the vulcanizing agent and the accelerator in the vulcanization system is unreasonable, and the amount used is too low and the amount of sulfur is excessive. Sulfur, which can cause trouble for butyl inner tube production; a very common example, under-sulphur generally causes the inner tube to have a sponge problem.

3. Reasonable control of production process conditions

Rubber products manufacturers need to properly control the production process conditions when producing butyl inner tubes, including mixing time, mixing temperature, vulcanization time, vulcanization temperature, vulcanization pressure and model temperature during vulcanization, etc., taking model temperature as an example, when butyl When the inner tube is vulcanized and set, the temperature of the model is not uniform, which will directly cause the lack of sulfur, resulting in the deformation of the inner carcass and the swelling of the carcass. Insufficient vulcanization time can easily lead to low sulfur in the joint or valve pad.

4. Regular inspection and maintenance of production equipment

When using butyl rubber or butyl reclaimed rubber to produce inner tube products, the production equipment needs to be cleaned up in time, and the introduction of impurities or compounding agents in the production process of butyl inner tubes is "endless." Regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment, such as deformation or improper adjustment of the butyl inner tube model, will result in poor sealing of the model and loss of the rubber edge.

Although there are various kinds of size problems in the production process of butyl inner tube, it is still the set of words, the selection of good materials, reasonable control of the production process, timely inspection of equipment, then the defective rate in the production of butyl inner tube will be significantly reduced.