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Improve butyl shrinkage, avoid butyl inner tube swelling

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Improve butyl shrinkage, avoid butyl inner tube swelling

Compared with natural rubber, butyl inner tube has better air tightness and longer service life. However, in actual production and use, the shrinkage of butyl inner tube is worse than that of natural rubber inner tube. The reduction naturally shrinks to a normal state; therefore, the expansion of the butyl inner tube after the completion of the can opening will result in a puncture; it is particularly important to improve the contraction of the butyl inner tube and reduce the incidence of swelling! So what can be achieved by specific means?

Under normal circumstances, the improvement of butyl inner tube shrinkage, avoiding the problem of butyl inner tube swelling can be considered from the following two aspects:

Raw material

Butyl rubber has good air tightness, heat resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, long-term use in sunlight or ozone conditions, and can be used in the production of inner tubes; but butyl rubber. There are also certain defects, and poor shrinkage is one of them; butyl reclaimed rubber is an ideal raw material for replacing butyl rubber. It is a product of waste butyl inner tube processed by various processes, which has good fluidity and shrinkage. Small size, the produced rubber products are dimensionally stable; therefore, adding an appropriate amount of butyl reclaimed rubber to the butyl rubber inner tube formula can improve the shrinkage of the butyl rubber and avoid the swelling of the butyl inner tube.

2. Production process

From the production process point of view, there are two main reasons for the swelling of the butyl inner tube. One is that the internal pressure steam nozzle is blocked, and the internal pressure steam cannot be discharged when deflated; the other is the product in the inner pressure tube when the butyl inner tube rubber is vulcanized. Water can not be discharged into the fetal body, and there is more and more water in the internal pressure tube, and the inner tube is more severely swollen. At this time, the internal pressure steam nozzle can be unblocked and periodically checked or cleaned or the outlet pipe and the drain device are added under the main steam internal pipe, and the water is led to the external pressure return steam main pipe to ensure that the internal pressure pipe water is drained in time to avoid the accumulation of water. The inner tube can avoid the problem of swelling of the inner tube.

In the butyl inner rubber compound, the replacement of the butyl rubber with the partial butyl reclaimed rubber can improve the shrinkage of the butyl inner rubber compound, and can also reduce the production cost of a certain proportion. It can be said that it can be used in one fell swoop; using butyl rubber and butyl rubber When the base reclaimed rubber is used together to produce a butyl inner tube, not only the high-density, impurity-free butyl reclaimed rubber but also the production process should be paid attention to prevent the steam or water from being trapped in the butyl inner tube to prevent the inner tube product from swelling. Even the problem that caused the explosion occurred.