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Application of butyl reclaimed rubber in special conveyor belt

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Application of butyl reclaimed rubber in special conveyor belt

Butyl reclaimed rubber has excellent air tightness and water tightness, and is the best raw material for lowering the raw material cost of inner tube or water tire. However, the use of butyl reclaimed rubber can be more than that; in various heat, shock absorption, acid and alkali resistance It is widely used in rubber products, and conveyor belt is one of them. There are a variety of conveyor belts, ordinary conveyor belts, heat-resistant conveyor belts, food conveyor belts, etc., which types of conveyor belts can use butyl reclaimed rubber?

1. Application of butyl reclaimed rubber in acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt

The acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt needs to be in contact with acid and alkali during work. The acid and alkali resistance of the rubber compound (especially mineral acid such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid) is particularly high, and butyl rubber or neoprene rubber is the main raw material. Butyl rubber is used to produce high-index acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts. Butyl reclaimed rubber is processed from waste butyl inner tube as the main raw material. It retains the original basic molecular structure and performance characteristics of butyl rubber, and has excellent chemical corrosion resistance. It can replace butyl rubber in whole or in part to produce acid and alkali resistant transportation. The belt can reduce the raw material cost while ensuring the use performance and service life of the butyl acid and alkali transportation; in the acid-base conveyor belt formula containing the butyl reclaimed rubber, the rubber product manufacturer can use the appropriate amount of hard carbon black or sulfuric acid.钡, further improve the acid and alkali resistance of the reclaimed rubber conveyor belt.

2. Application of butyl reclaimed rubber in heat-resistant conveyor belt

The heat-resistant conveyor belt has high requirements on the heat resistance of the rubber compound, and it is not easy to be aged at a high temperature for a long time; the butyl reclaimed rubber not only has excellent airtightness and chemical stability, but also under certain conditions. The heat resistance can be compared with EPDM rubber or reclaimed rubber, so it can replace butyl rubber to produce heat-resistant conveyor belt, which can reduce production cost. When using butyl reclaimed rubber to produce acid-resistant conveyor belt, carbon black N330 and carbon black can be used together to increase rubber hardness and avoid high temperature cracking of butyl rubber conveyor belt; paraffin oil, coal tar, solid coumarone, etc. Softening plasticizers increase the viscosity and heat resistance of butyl rubber conveyor belts. The butyl chloride reclaimed rubber in reclaimed rubber products can also be used to produce heat-resistant conveyor belts that require higher heat resistance.

Butyl reclaimed rubber instead of butyl rubber to produce rubber products can reduce raw material costs, improve rubber processing technology, reduce production energy consumption, improve the index and dimensional stability of finished heat-resistant rubber products; welcome more friends and me Discuss together.