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Stability of nitrile rubber for various chemical substances

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Stability of nitrile rubber for various chemical substances

At present, many oil-resistant rubber products on the market are processed by using nitrile rubber or nitrile reclaimed rubber, which is beneficial to the excellent oil resistance of nitrile rubber; but the nitrile rubber products are often exposed to oil medium during use. In addition, you may also be exposed to a variety of chemicals, so whether nitrile rubber can maintain good performance in various chemical substances for a long time? What is the stability of nitrile rubber for various chemical substances?

Nitrile rubber is a rubber compound prepared by emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile, and the nitrile reclaimed rubber is a renewable resource recovered from re-processed nitrile rubber or waste nitrile rubber products. The performance characteristics are basically the same. . Compared with natural rubber, nitrile rubber/recycled rubber has higher chemical stability to inorganic acids, organic acids, alkalis, salts, oxidants, etc. Therefore, it can be considered that nitrile rubber has good stability to chemicals. However, in the actual application process, the effects of various chemical substances in the nitrile rubber compound are different, as shown in:

1 Generally, the common alkali solution or the dilute acid solvent has no effect on the nitrile rubber or the nitrile reclaimed rubber, so the nitrile rubber can exhibit good chemical stability in the two materials.

2 Some nitrogen-containing ketone compounds and aromatic compounds with high polarity have a swelling effect on the nitrile rubber compound.

3 Generally, weak alkali oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, chromic acid, phosphoric acid and sulfur dioxide may erode nitrile rubber under certain conditions.

4 Concentrated hydrochloric acid, formic acid and acetic acid and other substances easily erode nitrile rubber products.

5 Various concentrations of nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, hypochlorous acid, hydrofluoric acid, salts and ozone can easily erode nitrile rubber.

Theoretically, nitrile rubber and nitrile reclaimed rubber have excellent oil resistance and good chemical stability, but this does not mean that nitrile rubber products can remain in a perfect state for a long time in any chemical. ".

The use of nitrile rubber to produce rubber products, especially rubber products that require contact with chemical substances, must consider the stability of the nitrile rubber compound to chemicals, if the working environment contains chemicals that are highly erosive of nitrile rubber, Rubber products manufacturers need to "try another way out." In order to further improve the chemical stability of nitrile rubber products, rubber products manufacturers can also add suitable types of anti-aging agents to NBR rubber products, especially anti-aging agents that can inhibit chemical attack.