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Application of EPDM reclaimed rubber in heat-resistant shock-absorbing products for vehicles

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Application of EPDM reclaimed rubber in heat-resistant shock-absorbing products for vehicles

Rubber shock absorbing products are widely used in vehicle engines, body, air conditioners, carriage suspension systems, etc., and play a good role in shock absorption, shock resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction in the process of car driving, and improve the stability and safety of car control. It is an important safety and functional part in automobile rubber parts. In actual production, EPDM rubber is generally added to automobile heat-resistant rubber shock-absorbing products; EPDM reclaimed rubber has the basic performance characteristics of EPDM raw rubber, and can be used together with raw rubber to produce heat-resistant shock-absorbing products to ensure product quality. On the premise of effectively reducing the cost of raw materials.

1. Formula design of heat-resistant and shock-absorbing products for vehicles produced from EPDM reclaimed rubber

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce heat-resistant and shock-absorbing rubber products for vehicles, EPDM reclaimed rubber with high rubber content is generally used; it can not only ensure the quality of shock-absorbing products, but also replace more copies of EPDM Rubber, reduce the cost of raw materials. When using EPDM/reclaimed rubber to produce heat-resistant automotive shock absorption products, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the mechanical strength, heat aging resistance, flexural resistance and dynamic fatigue properties of the rubber.

(1) Vulcanization system: It is necessary to consider the influence of the vulcanization system on the modulus, loss coefficient, heat generation and dynamic fatigue properties of the damping rubber; increasing the amount of sulfur-accelerator will increase the crosslinking density of the rubber compound, increase the modulus, and reduce the loss and glass transition temperature.

(2) Reinforcing system: The modulus and loss of automobile shock absorption products will increase with the increase of the amount of filler; under the premise of the same amount, the smaller the particle size of carbon black, the better the reinforcement effect, and the better the reinforcement effect. The larger the amount, the greater the loss; on the contrary, the larger the particle size, the better the resilience, the smaller the loss, and the lower the heat generation. Therefore, it is recommended to use coarse carbon black such as semi-reinforced carbon black and thermal carbon black when using EPDM reclaimed rubber to prepare shock absorption products for vehicles.

(3) Softening system: The main function is to adjust the low temperature performance of rubber, reduce heat generation, and reduce loss value. In actual production, with the increase of the amount of softener and plasticizer, the elastic modulus of EPDM reclaimed rubber 2ELYY721 vulcanizate decreases and the damping coefficient increases; although the use of softening plasticizer can improve the low temperature performance and fatigue resistance of the rubber compound , but it will also increase the creep and stress relaxation rates, which will affect the performance of shock-absorbing rubber. Therefore, when EPDM reclaimed rubber is used to produce shock absorption products for vehicles, the amount of compounding agent in the softening system should not be too much.

2. EPDM rubber/EPDM reclaimed rubber combined to produce engine mount shock absorber reference formula

40 parts of EPDM rubber, 20 parts of EPDM reclaimed rubber, 40 parts of bromobutyl rubber, 3 parts of zinc oxide, 1 part of stearic acid, 0.5 part of antioxidant, 70 parts of carbon black N550, 30 parts of paraffin oil parts, 1.4 parts of sulfur, 0.6 parts of accelerator DPTT; total: 206.5 parts.

70 parts of butyl rubber, 15 parts of EPDM rubber, 15 parts of EPDM reclaimed rubber, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 1 part of stearic acid, 50 parts of carbon black N330, 30 parts of carbon black N990, 40 parts of naphthenic oil parts, accelerator M 0.7 parts, accelerator TMTD 1.7 parts, sulfur 1.6 parts; total 230 parts.

EPDM reclaimed rubber has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance, and can be used with EPDM rubber and butyl rubber to produce automotive heat-resistant and shock-absorbing rubber products; rational design formula can further optimize product quality while reducing costs , the editor will continue to share with you the key points of the production process of EPDM reclaimed rubber to prepare heat-resistant shock absorption products for vehicles.

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