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Low-cost raw materials reduce the cost of raw materials for natural rubber automobile shock absorber

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Low-cost raw materials reduce the cost of raw materials for natural rubber automobile shock absorber

Vehicle rubber shock absorbers can reduce the vibration or noise generated by the car during driving to improve driving comfort. From the perspective of the use effect, natural rubber with high mechanical strength and good elasticity is an ideal material for the production of rubber shock absorbers for vehicles. From the perspective of production cost, the high price and price fluctuation of natural rubber is difficult for many manufacturers to digest; many rubber products factories want to The raw material cost is reduced by a large amount of filled rubber filler, but the excessive amount of filler will reduce the mechanical strength of the rubber 1JLYY924.

Rubber products manufacturers may wish to use the right amount of low-cost rubber raw materials in the natural rubber shock absorber formula to replace some natural rubber to reduce the cost of raw materials.

Latex reclaimed rubber

The latex reclaimed rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products has the same performance index as natural rubber, and has good hand elasticity, high tensile strength, high elongation at break and excellent wear resistance. Rubber products manufacturers can choose the latex reclaimed rubber that is closest to the rubber shock absorber of the car, directly replace the natural rubber to produce rubber shock absorbers, significantly reduce the cost of raw materials; and can also use latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber for better production performance. Automotive rubber shock absorbers.

2. Tire reclaimed rubber

The main components of tire reclaimed rubber processed from used automobile tires are natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and carbon black, which have good compatibility with natural rubber; tire tread reclaimed rubber in tire reclaimed rubber products has higher effective rubber hydrocarbon content than ordinary rubber tires. The tire reclaimed rubber has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, wear resistance and flex resistance; the price of tire reclaimed rubber is much lower than that of natural rubber. Usually it is used in the production formula of automobile rubber shock absorber, which can guarantee the use of rubber shock absorber. The performance and service life can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials; the amount of tire reclaimed rubber in the natural rubber shock absorber formula can be determined according to the actual performance requirements of the shock absorber.

3. Waste tire rubber powder

The price of tire rubber powder processed from used car tires is lower than that of tire reclaimed rubber. It is usually used in the form of fillers in natural rubber automobile shock absorbers. The dispersibility of tire rubber powder in natural rubber is worse than ordinary rubber filler, and it has certain reinforcing effect in rubber compound. Therefore, when manufacturer of rubber shock absorber for vehicle chooses low-cost filler to reduce cost, it is better to mix with appropriate amount. Tire rubber powder, and appropriately reduce the amount of low-cost rubber filler such as light calcium in the formulation to improve performance and reduce cost.

Reasonable use of low-cost renewable resources in the production of automotive rubber shock absorbers produced by natural rubber can not only reduce costs, but also improve the process performance of rubber compounds and improve the physical properties of shock absorbers. It can also solve some rubber solid wastes from the environment. pollution problem. In actual production, in order to achieve the dual purpose of ensuring quality and reducing cost, rubber products factories must carefully choose reclaimed rubber and recycled rubber powder, control the amount of waste recycled rubber resources, and rationally design rubber rubber shock absorber formula containing renewable resources. Strictly control the production process of the shock absorber.