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Application Skills of Tire Reclaimed Rubber in Rubber Shock Absorber

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Application Skills of Tire Reclaimed Rubber in Rubber Shock Absorber

Reasonable design of rubber product formula can minimize product cost and optimize quality. The defects in many rubber compounds are adjusted by the type and amount of compounding agent in the formula, so the formula design starts from the production process of rubber shock absorber. It is about the role of "life and death." The use of tire reclaimed rubber in rubber shock absorbers can reduce the cost of raw materials and improve the process performance of rubber compounds. How much is suitable for tire reclaimed rubber? How to design a rubber shock absorber formula containing tire reclaimed rubber 1JLYY1015?

3. Example of rubber shock absorber for vehicles containing tire reclaimed rubber

The rubber shock absorber for vehicles is a typical shock absorbing material in life, which can play various functions of sound absorption, noise reduction and shock absorption. Generally, natural rubber is used as the main raw material. When the tire taimian reclaimed rubber is used in the natural rubber rubber shock absorber, the basic structure and performance characteristics of the tire reclaimed rubber and the natural rubber are different, and the rubber product manufacturer needs to appropriately adjust the respective matching systems in the shock absorber formula.

100 parts of natural rubber, 20 parts of tire reclaimed rubber, 10 parts of zinc oxide, 1.5 parts of stearic acid, 2 parts of antioxidant, 30 parts of carbon black, 2 parts of rubber oil, 1.6 parts of rubber accelerator, 1.6 parts of sulfur, total: 168.7 Share.

4. Formulation tips for rubber shock absorbers for tires containing tire reclaimed rubber

The type and amount of reinforcing agent in the rubber shock absorber formula directly affect the physical and mechanical strength of the shock absorber. The vulcanization system, anti-aging system, softener type and dosage will also affect the damping effect and service life of the rubber shock absorber.

When the rubber shock absorber manufacturer needs to improve the hardness or tensile strength of the rubber compound, the rubber product manufacturer can use the hb super wear-resistant furnace black in the formula; if the hardness requirement is about 70 degrees in the Shaoer, the commonly used N330 can be selected. For the production of rubber dampers with lower hardness, semi-reinforcing carbon black should be used, or semi-reinforcing carbon black should be used together with high wear-resistant furnace black.

When natural rubber and tire reclaimed rubber are used together to produce zsj rubber shock absorbers, sulfur vulcanization is often used. When combined, accelerator CZ/DM and a small amount of TMTD are used. Pine tar can increase the viscosity and cold resistance of the rubber and promote the dispersion of the compound. Especially carbon black, but there is a certain degree of pollution, shock absorbers with strict environmental protection requirements should be avoided as much as possible; avoid the use of anti-aging agents such as anti-aging agent D containing carcinogenic factors, and choose a new rubber anti-aging agent instead.

Compared with pure natural rubber shock absorbers, the use of hy tire reclaimed rubber not only reduces costs, but also makes the application more flexible. When using tire reclaimed rubber in rubber shock absorbers to reduce production costs, rubber manufacturers must reasonably control the amount of reclaimed rubber according to factors such as shock absorber performance requirements, tire reclaimed rubber properties, etc., and adjust the formula of tire reclaimed rubber and natural The application ratio of glue is to meet the needs of different users.