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The proportion of tire reclaimed rubber in agricultural tires

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The proportion of tire reclaimed rubber in agricultural tires

Tire reclaimed rubber processed from waste tires is usually recycled into tire casing production. Agricultural tires can be mainly divided into driving tires and guiding tires according to the place of use. Both tire crowns require good wear resistance. With the puncture resistance, a certain proportion of tire tread reclaimed rubber can ensure the performance of agricultural tires and reduce the cost of raw materials. So how much is it suitable to add tire reclaimed rubber in agricultural tires? How to further optimize the performance and service life of the crown rubber 1JLYY1016?

1. The proportion of tire reclaimed rubber in agricultural tires

In actual production, the agricultural tire crown will be combined with natural rubber, butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber. Appropriate increase of the amount of butadiene rubber can improve the low temperature performance of the rubber, which is more suitable for low temperature use, avoiding agricultural tires. Cracking and other problems occur under low temperature conditions. When using hb tire reclaimed rubber to reduce the cost of agricultural tires, the amount of natural rubber is generally controlled at 20-35 parts, the amount of butadiene rubber is controlled at 15-25 parts, and the amount of styrene-butadiene rubber is less than that of cis-butadiene; The amount of tire reclaimed rubber is determined according to the specific requirements of the rubber crown rubber, and is usually controlled between 30 and 70 parts.

When the tire reclaimed rubber index meets the demand, the formula can be adjusted reasonably. The amount of tire taimian reclaimed rubber can be increased to 70-100 parts in the agricultural tire crown rubber, which significantly reduces the raw material cost.

2. How to adjust the crown rubber formula of agricultural tires containing reclaimed rubber

When using tire reclaimed rubber to reduce the production cost of agricultural tires, it can be used together with high wear-resistant black, to improve the wear resistance and puncture resistance of agricultural tire crowns; anti-aging agent RD, anti-aging 4020, anti-oxidation agent and paraffin wax and other chemical anti-aging agents, physical anti-aging agent, to improve the resistance of the crown rubber to thermal aging, chemical corrosion; increase the amount of accelerators when sulfur vulcanization, improve the crown rubber mixing The vulcanization performance and vulcanization speed of the rubber further improve the vulcanization efficiency of the rubber tire of the tire containing the hy tire reclaimed rubber and the comprehensive index of the vulcanized rubber.

In theory, in the production process of agricultural tires, the tire reclaimed rubber can be used in large quantities to reduce the cost of raw materials. When selecting tire reclaimed rubber to produce agricultural tires, it is necessary to select the appropriate index of tire reclaimed rubber according to actual needs, and strictly control the amount of tire reclaimed rubber. Reasonable adjustment of natural rubber / butadiene rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber and compound formula, agricultural tire crown rubber production can achieve the dual purpose of ensuring quality and reducing costs.