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Tire reclaimed rubber in the tire with the proportion of incorporation

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Tire reclaimed rubber in the tire with the proportion of incorporation

Since the development of reclaimed rubber industry, many tire products on the market have added a certain proportion of reclaimed rubber, mostly tire reclaimed rubber. Maybe you are skeptical about the quality of tires mixed with tire reclaimed rubber. It is understandable that after all, the reclaimed rubber has poor tear strength and flexor crack resistance is well known. In the actual production, if a reasonable control of the amount of recycled rubber tire dosage, is to ensure that the quality of the tire to reduce the cost of raw materials purposes.

Tires are mainly natural rubber + synthetic rubber + carbon black as the main raw material, which is because natural rubber elasticity is good, even at very low temperatures can maintain good flexibility; Synthetic glue types, the performance of many natural to meet Tire performance requirements, including the use of more styrene-butadiene rubber, which can improve tire wear resistance and grip, improve driving safety; carbon black is as a reinforcing filler, both to reduce production costs, but also To a certain extent, improve the wear resistance of rubber tires, to extend the service life of these three basic materials can be said to be "doing its thing." So maybe you might ask, using natural rubber + synthetic rubber + carbon black tire production performance has been perfect, then why add tire reclaimed rubber? If you add tire reclaimed rubber and how to control the addition ratio?

Adding a certain amount of tire reclaimed rubber to rubber tires is the most important purpose of reducing the cost of raw materials (which is also the biggest purpose of manufacturers using reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products) and formulating a proper formula of reclaimed rubber for tire reclaimed rubber to ensure product quality , But also reduce the cost of raw materials. In the tire product formula, the amount of tire reclaimed rubber and tire index requirements, tire reclaimed rubber quality has a direct relationship. If the production of low-grade rubber tires, plastic tires can increase the amount of reclaimed rubber, if it is the production of high-grade rubber tires, be sure to control the amount of recycled rubber tire dosage, the cost to minimize the amount allowed; In addition, high-quality tire reclaimed rubber tire formulations can be Appropriate increase in the amount of doping, according to internal sources, high-quality tire reclaimed rubber in high-grade tires with the proportion of up to 15%. Visible tire reclaimed rubber is also able to produce high-end tires.

For the used tires that contain tire reclaimed rubber, some people think that it cannot be recycled, but is this true? In actual production and sales, only the rubber tires that meet the relevant standards are usually put in the market. Then the rubber tires that are blended with tire reclaimed rubber are still qualified products. Why can't they be recycled after aging?