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Application Skills of Tire Reclaimed Rubber in Rubber Shock Absorber

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Application Skills of Tire Reclaimed Rubber in Rubber Shock Absorber

Rubber shock absorbers are widely used in automobiles, machinery, transportation, electronic appliances and other applications that require shock absorption and isolation. Natural rubber is one of the commonly used raw materials for rubber shock absorbers. It has resistance to aging and oil. Rubber shock absorbers with special requirements use ethylene propylene rubber or nitrile rubber, and high damping shock absorbers use butyl rubber. At present, the competition in the rubber shock absorber industry is extremely fierce. Many manufacturers have set their sights on the low-cost tire reclaimed rubber processed from waste tires in order to reduce production costs1JLYY1014.

1. Not all rubber shock absorbers can use tire reclaimed rubber

At present, there are many kinds of rubber shock absorbers on the market. Natural rubber, neoprene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, butyl rubber and nitrile rubber are all common rubber raw materials for producing rubber shock absorbers. Tire reclaimed rubber can usually replace some natural rubber to produce rubber shock absorbers and reduce the cost of raw materials, but it is not widely used in other rubbers. For example, the use of tire reclaimed rubber in a large amount of nitrile rubber oil dampers will affect the oil resistance of the shock absorber, so as to shorten the service life.

Therefore, when you want to use tire reclaimed rubber to reduce the production cost of rubber shock absorbers, you must first determine whether this shock absorber can use tire reclaimed rubber. If not, you need to consider other types of reclaimed rubber.

2. Not all tire reclaimed rubber can produce rubber shock absorbers

The quality of tire reclaimed rubber on the market is uneven. Generally, the fineness and strength of low-priced tire reclaimed rubber cannot meet the relevant requirements, and it cannot be used in the production of high-standard rubber shock absorbers. Taking the automobile rubber shock absorber as an example, it not only has certain requirements on the mechanical strength and elasticity of the rubber compound, but also requires the reclaimed rubber to comply with relevant environmental protection standards and odorless standards, and ordinary tire reclaimed rubber cannot be used. Some rubber shock absorbers require a smooth surface and can be closely attached to the contact surface. When using tire reclaimed rubber to reduce the cost of the shock absorber, the fineness of the tire reclaimed rubber should be at least 60 mesh.

When using tire reclaimed rubber to reduce the production cost of rubber shock absorbers, rubber shock absorber manufacturers need to design a rubber shock absorber formula containing tire reclaimed rubber in addition to the appropriate tire reclaimed rubber, and according to the reclaimed rubber Adjust the indicator and adjust the shock absorber formula in time. Tomorrow Xiaobian will continue to share with you the application skills of tire reclaimed rubber in rubber shock absorbers.