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Application of Butyl Recycled Rubber in Vibration Absorbing Rubber Products

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Application of Butyl Recycled Rubber in Vibration Absorbing Rubber Products

Baidu Encyclopedia of the definition of damping rubber products is: to eliminate or reduce the transmission of mechanical vibration, to achieve shock absorption, noise reduction and reduce the risk of shock caused by rubber products collectively referred to as shock absorber rubber products, rubber shock absorbers, buffer Mats, connectors, and rubber fenders are all typical shock-absorbing rubber products. The traditional shock-absorbing rubber products are mostly natural rubber shock-absorbing products. The high-damping shock-absorbing products use butyl rubber. The butyl reclaimed rubber is processed from the waste butyl inner tube as a raw material and can be replaced in whole or in part. Based on the production of rubber shock-absorbing rubber products, significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, then what butyl reclaimed rubber can be used in the production of shock-absorbing rubber products?

1、Various vehicle shock absorbers, shock-absorbing pads

All parts of the car have shock-absorbing parts that are used for shock protection and cushioning to ensure ride comfort and driving safety. The automotive shock absorber products require that the used rubber material has excellent vibration absorption performance, the vibration damping characteristics have little dependence on the temperature and frequency, and the durability is good; the spring shock absorbing gasket also has water resistance, ozone resistance, and resistance to the used rubber material. Weatherproof, wear-resisting, sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing performance put forward high requirements to avoid contact between the shock-absorbing gasket and the metal plate at various friction points; high-quality butyl reclaimed rubber can meet the performance of vehicle shock absorbers and shock-absorbing pads. Demand, together with the appropriate amount of butyl rubber or EPDM rubber can further improve the overall performance of automotive shock absorbers, especially with a small amount of EPDM rubber can significantly reduce the damping properties of butyl shock absorber products Dependence on temperature and vibration frequency.

2, rubber fender

The rubber fender is a type of equipment installed on a wharf or ship to absorb collision energy when docked, set sail, and moored between the ship and the wharf or ship to prevent damage to the ship or wharf due to collision and wear. The main requirements are that Rubber can absorb large amounts of kinetic energy; in order to ensure long-term use of rubber fenders, it also places high demands on the weather resistance, ozone resistance and water resistance of rubber compounds. Butyl reclaimed rubber has good air tightness, shock absorption, ozone resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, high butyl reclaimed rubber containing rubber elasticity, high strength, can be used in the production of rubber fenders to reduce production costs .

When adding butyl reclaimed rubber to butyl shock-absorbing rubber products to reduce the production cost, it is necessary to select the appropriate butyl reclaimed rubber according to the requirements of shock-absorbing rubber products, and reasonably determine the blending ratio; butyl damping containing butyl reclaimed rubber In the product formulation, the vulcanization system design, reinforcing agent filler selection, plasticizer dosage, etc. will all affect its shock absorption effect. Xiaobian will discuss it with everyone in the later period.