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Raw material selection skills for solid rubber strips using EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce costs

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Raw material selection skills for solid rubber strips using EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce costs

EPDM reclaimed rubber retains the basic performance characteristics of EPDM rubber, such as heat resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance. It can replace a certain proportion of EPDM original rubber to produce solid rubber strips and maintain good performance for a long time. In actual production, the performance requirements of solid rubber strips in different applications are different, and the application methods of EPDM reclaimed rubber are also different. The appropriate EPDM rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber should be selected according to specific technical indicators. And the compounding agent of each compounding system in the formula.

1. Selection of EPDM reclaimed rubber solid rubber strip

In actual production, low-hardness solid rubber strips are mostly oil-filled EPDM rubbers. For solid rubber strips with high hardness and tensile strength requirements or high-filling solid rubber strips, it is recommended to use EPDM grades with high ethylene content. glue. When EPDM solid rubber strip uses reclaimed rubber 2ELYY421 to reduce the cost, the reclaimed rubber can be used alone or in combination with EPDM rubber. If the EPDM solid rubber strip is mixed with reclaimed rubber, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the performance requirements of the rubber strip and the original rubber index parameters, select reclaimed rubber products with similar technical indicators, and expand the amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber on the premise of ensuring the quality of the rubber strip. Reduce more costs.

2. Selection of compounding agent for EPDM reclaimed rubber solid strip

(1) Compounding agent for EPDM reclaimed rubber solid strip reinforcement filling system

When EPDM reclaimed rubber is used to produce solid rubber strips, it is recommended to use quick-pressing furnace black, semi-reinforced carbon black, general furnace black and other products, such as N550, N650, N774, etc., which have reinforcing properties and good extrusion properties. The fillers are mostly calcium carbonate, talc, clay and other mineral fillers, combined with carbon black. Light-colored EPDM reclaimed rubber solid strips are recommended to be filled with light-colored fillers such as silicate, talc, calcined clay, ordinary or activated calcium carbonate.

(2) Compounding agent for EPDM reclaimed rubber solid strip softening and plasticizing system

When EPDM reclaimed rubber is used as the main rubber material to produce low-cost solid rubber sealing strips, paraffin-based oil, naphthenic oil or aromatic hydrocarbon oil with good compatibility with EPDM rubber is often used. Among them, aromatic oil has high aromatic content, good compatibility with EPDM rubber, and low volatile content, but it may cause cancer. The chemical structure of paraffin-based oil is mainly paraffin, and it has the characteristics of high saturation, low volatile content, light color, high temperature resistance, and UV resistance. Naphthenic oil has excellent low temperature performance, good color stability, better compatibility than paraffin-based oil, and can provide higher tensile strength and tear strength; naphthenic oil has a much lower polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content than aromatic oil, which is more environmentally friendly.

(3) Compounding agent for EPDM reclaimed rubber solid strip vulcanization system

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber alone or EPDM rubber/reclaimed rubber in combination to produce solid rubber strips, most vulcanization systems choose sulfur-accelerator system, and the amount of accelerator is relatively large. Adhesive spray cream. The EPDM reclaimed rubber vulcanizate using peroxide vulcanization has the characteristics of good heat resistance, good resilience, small compression set, good electrical insulation, and more stable vulcanizate color; it should be noted that the use of peroxide The EPDM reclaimed rubber solid strip of the vulcanization system is only suitable for the salt bath continuous vulcanization method.

The solid rubber strip produced by using EPDM reclaimed rubber or EPDM rubber/reclaimed rubber combined with rubber has the properties of weather resistance, ozone resistance, sunlight aging resistance, etc. It has a wide range of applications in the field. Later, the editor will continue to share with you the production process of using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce low-cost, high-performance solid rubber strips and the issues that need attention, especially the rubber mixing and vulcanization process.

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