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Application skills of EPDM recycled rubber in brake cups

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Application skills of EPDM recycled rubber in brake cups

EPDM recycled rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance and anti-aging properties. Substituting EPDM rubber can significantly reduce production costs. The brake cup is one of them. The brake cup is an indispensable accessory in the automobile braking system. It plays the role of pressure transmission and sealing during the work process, and has strict requirements on rubber varieties, mechanical strength, and compression resistance. Not all brake pads can use EPDM rubber, nor can any one EPDM rubber be used to produce brake pads.

1. Which brake cups can use EPDM rubber

In the production of brake cups, the rubber used in automobile brake cups is usually determined according to the type of brake fluid. The brake pads using alcohol-based brake fluid can use natural rubber, or use natural rubber with styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber; the brake pads using synthetic brake fluid use EPDM or styrene-butadiene rubber. To ensure the performance and life of the brake cup. The biggest role of EPDM rubber is to replace EPDM raw rubber to produce rubber products and reduce raw material costs. Usually it can only be used to produce rubber brake cups using synthetic brake fluid.

2.Brake cup selection skills of EPDM

The rubber brake cup has strict requirements on the mechanical strength of the rubber, such as elongation performance. When selecting the recycled rubber used in the brake cup, choose the EPDM recycled rubber that is closest to the mechanical strength indicators of the brake cup. It can ensure the quality of the brake cup, and can increase the amount of EPDM recycled rubber to a certain extent, reducing more raw material costs. When selecting EPDM recycled rubber used in brake pads, rubber product manufacturers must also consider the fineness of EPDM recycled rubber, resistance to compression and permanent deformation, etc., and according to the content of EPDM in the recycled rubber and the system The specific index of the leather bowl determines the addition ratio of EPDM recycled rubber / raw rubber reasonably.

3. Formula design of brake cup with EPDM rubber

A reasonable coordination system can optimize the quality of the brake cup. The brake cup requires the rubber material to have excellent resistance to compression and permanent deformation. When using EPDM recycled rubber and EPDM original rubber to produce the brake cup, the vulcanization system used in combination with peroxide and a small amount of sulfur 2LLYY0103 can ensure that The rubber material is resistant to compression and permanent deformation, and can improve the heat resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance and mechanical strength of the EPDM recycled rubber / virgin rubber combined rubber, and the vulcanization process and vulcanization effect can be adjusted by a rubber accelerator.

When EPDM rubber and EPDM rubber are used in combination to produce brake cups, the amount of zinc oxide can also be appropriately increased in the formula to improve the thermal conductivity of the rubber and reduce heat generation, and an appropriate amount of antioxidant can be used to increase the anti-aging performance of the brake cup , Extend the life of EPDM rubber / recycled rubber products.

To sum up: EPDM recycled rubber is an ideal raw material to replace EPDM and reduce the use of synthetic brake fluid in brake pads. In actual production, the dosage of recycled rubber is reasonably determined based on the actual performance requirements of the brake pads. By rationally adjusting the formula of the brake cup containing EPDM recycled rubber, the three goals of increasing the amount of recycled rubber, optimizing the comprehensive index of the brake cup, and reducing more production costs can be achieved.