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Natural rubber products mixed with latex gloves reclaimed rubber

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Natural rubber products mixed with latex gloves reclaimed rubber

Waste latex gloves are commonly used raw materials for the production of latex reclaimed rubber. Different colors of latex gloves can produce different colors of latex reclaimed rubber, mainly including white latex reclaimed rubber and black latex reclaimed rubber; latex latex recycled from waste latex gloves. The rubber has high rubber content and good elasticity, and can be used in a variety of medium and high-grade natural rubber products in accordance with a certain proportion, in order to reduce the cost while maintaining the physical properties.

1. Adjust the vulcanization system

The latex rubber reclaimed rubber is directly blended into the natural rubber product formula according to a certain ratio. The latex reclaimed rubber reacts with the vulcanizing agent and the accelerator as the natural rubber, and consumes a part of the vulcanizing system compounding agent, resulting in natural rubber/latex regeneration. The concentration of the vulcanization system in the rubber formulation is reduced, the degree of vulcanization is insufficient, and the tensile strength and tear strength of the rubber are reduced; therefore, the latex rubber reclaimed rubber is used in the natural rubber formulation, and the vulcanization system needs to be appropriately adjusted to increase the vulcanizing agent. The amount of accelerator is used to ensure the natural rubber/latex reclaimed rubber and fully vulcanized with glue to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanizate.

2, reasonable control of latex reclaimed rubber blending ratio

Waste latex gloves need to be processed into latex reclaimed rubber through various processes such as crushing, desulfurization, disinfection, drying and filtration. Its molecular structure is fully destroyed during processing, and its plasticity is high and fluidity compared with natural rubber. Well, the anti-aging agent contained in it can also improve the anti-aging performance of rubber products; however, latex reclaimed rubber is a product of recycling and processing of waste rubber products. There are certain gaps between the indicators and natural rubber. Excessive dosage will reduce the natural rubber products. Mechanical strength; therefore, when latex latex reclaimed rubber is used in natural rubber products, it is necessary to properly control the dosage, and according to the actual demand of rubber products, it is added in a ratio of about 20-50 parts.

When latex rubber reclaimed rubber is used to replace some natural rubber to produce rubber products, the proportion of latex reclaimed rubber and the amount of vulcanizing agent and accelerator added are not constant. According to the requirements of natural rubber products and the appearance color, the latex rubber is selected according to the appropriate color; The specific components of different latex rubber reclaimed rubbers are appropriately adjusted to the reinforcing system, anti-aging system and softening system of the rubber product formula, and an optimal balance point between cost and quality is sought.