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Application of tire rubber powder in various rubber hoses

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Application of tire rubber powder in various rubber hoses

A part of the recycled rubber powder processed from waste rubber tires is directly used in the production of rubber tubes to reduce the cost of raw rubber. The waste tire rubber powder not only contains the rubber components and compounding agents in the original waste tires, but also contains a small amount of fine rubber. Fibrous materials can be used in rubber tube production formulas to improve the overall performance of rubber compounds. So in actual production, which rubber tube can tire rubber be used for? How much is appropriate?

1. Which rubber tubes can be mixed with tire rubber powder

① Buried wire suction hose: It is often used to suck all kinds of liquid, powdery granular solid materials or inert gas. It is widely used in agricultural irrigation, water conservancy, mining and other industries. Natural rubber is used as the main raw material for the middle layer of the suction hose. After mixing a large amount of tire rubber powder, although the tensile strength is lower than that of the natural rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber vulcanizate, the strength is higher after aging. The life of rubber 1JLYY1217; blending the right amount of tire rubber powder in the inner rubber of natural rubber suction hose can obviously improve the mechanical strength and aging resistance of the inner rubber; the adhesive of the rubber is good.

②Heat-resistant cloth hose: The same amount of tire rubber powder will be mixed in the inner and outer layers of the heat-resistant cloth hose. Under normal circumstances, the outer layer of heat-resistant cloth hose is mostly styrene-butadiene rubber. With a small amount of neoprene, adding a suitable amount of rubber powder to the formula of styrene-butadiene rubber / neoprene cloth hose can reduce the cost of rubber.

2. Blending tips for rubber tube with rubber powder

When using rubber powder in rubber tubes, rubber product manufacturers need to adjust the amount of rubber powder reasonably according to the performance requirements of buried rubber or fabric hoses. Generally, about 100-200 parts of tire rubber powder can be blended in the middle layer rubber of natural rubber buried rubber hoses, and 50-100 parts of tire rubber powder can be blended in the inner rubber of buried rubber hoses to reduce costs and improve the comprehensive indicators of natural rubber hoses. When neoprene / styrene-butadiene rubber heat-resistant cloth rubber pipe is mixed with tire rubber powder, it is best to use tire rubber with a mesh size of 60 mesh or more, and the amount should be controlled below 60 parts to ensure that the mechanical strength of the heat-resistant cloth hose is not change.

Tire rubber powder can not only be used in buried suction hoses and heat-resistant cloth hoses, but also in other rubber tube production. Rubber product manufacturers determine the dosage of HB tire rubber powder according to actual needs. Under the premise of ensuring quality Reduce more raw material costs. With the continuous progress of tire rubber powder processing technology, tire rubber powder is more and more widely used in rubber tubes. Studying the application skills of tire rubber powder in rubber tubes and increasing the amount of tire rubber powder in rubber tubes can improve economic benefits and reduce environmental pollution caused by solid rubber.