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Light calcium prices rise, how to reduce the cost of rubber products manufacturers

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Light calcium prices rise, how to reduce the cost of rubber products manufacturers

In the rubber products industry, light calcium is one of the largest amount of rubber fillers. It can not only increase the volume of rubber products, reduce the cost of rubber, but also improve the processing performance of rubber materials, and can play a reinforcing role to a certain extent, improve rubber. The wear resistance, tensile strength, and tear strength of the product improve the gloss of rubber products. At present, there are reports that the price of light calcium carbonate may rise due to environmental protection and seasonal influences. For example, Hezhou calcium carbonate, which is famous for its high degree of whiteness in China, may usher in a surge in price. Then as the main filler to reduce the cost of rubber products, the price of calcium carbonate has risen. How should rubber product manufacturers decide on the road to reduce costs?

In the rubber product industry, there are many powdery substances that can be used as rubber fillers, calcium carbonate, clay, talcum powder, wollastonite powder, etc., of which clay can improve the viscosity, stiffness, processing technology, reduce shrinkage, Improve the surface smoothness of reclaimed rubber and rubber products; talc powder can increase the shape stability of rubber products and delay the aging time of products; wollastonite powder can not only reduce the production cost of rubber products, but also effectively improve it due to the special needle structure. The mechanical properties of the rubber compound. The above three products are the most commonly used fillers other than light calcium in the processing of rubber products. Their price is comparable to that of light calcium carbonate, but some products have more complicated processing processes and therefore cannot be used as replaceable calcium carbonate to reduce rubber. The ideal raw material for the production cost of the product.

Light calcium itself can be regarded as the rubber filler with the lowest price. If you want to reduce the cost of raw materials based on the price of light calcium, you can only use other aspects such as the use of cheap rubber raw materials, replacement of cheap rubber oil and so on.

Reclaimed rubber is processed from waste rubber products. According to raw materials, it can be divided in latex reclaimed rubber, tire reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber, and EPDM reclaimed rubber. Their prices are significantly lower than those of corresponding products. The original glue, wholly or partially replacing the original glue, can significantly reduce the raw material cost and a part of the production cost. However, whether it is the use of low-cost rubber raw materials or replacement of other low-cost rubber compounding agents, it must be carried out under the premise of ensuring the quality of rubber products. Otherwise, the quality is not lost, the market is lost, and the cost is low. Therefore, for calcium carbonate or the price increase, rubber product manufacturers must objectively judge, grasp the quality of rubber products, adapt to market trends, in good faith for business philosophy, quality for survival goals, and ultimately will not be eliminated by the market .