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Whether nitrile reclaimed rubber can choose peroxide curing

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Whether nitrile reclaimed rubber can choose peroxide curing

The peroxide-cured compound has good compression set resistance, heat resistance and extraction resistance, but the wear resistance and dynamics are relatively poor; a large part of the nitrile reclaimed rubber is used to replace the nitrile. Rubber production oil seals, wear-resistant rubber parts, etc., then NBR recycled rubber products can not use peroxide vulcanization? If so, what issues should I pay attention to?

The nitrile reclaimed rubber has excellent oil resistance and can be used to produce various oil-resistant seals such as oil seals. These rubber products require small compression set and small deformation of the rubber, and the compression set of the peroxide vulcanization system is small, which can meet the requirements. The performance requirement of nitrile oil seal is the vulcanization system commonly used by manufacturers of nitrile rubber seal products except low sulfur compound system and sulfur-free compound system. It can be seen that peroxide vulcanization system can be used in the production process of nitrile reclaimed rubber products. In the actual production process, the nitrile reclaimed rubber products mostly use dicumyl peroxide (DCP) and lead peroxide in the peroxide.

The use of peroxide-vulcanized nitrile reclaimed rubber vulcanizate has small compression set and good heat resistance. It is not easy to cause frosting during production and use. When DCP vulcanization is used, dicumyl peroxide is regenerated in nitrile. The amount of the product formula is related to the acrylonitrile content of the reclaimed rubber. Generally, the amount of DCP in the high acrylonitrile content of the nitrile reclaimed rubber product is about 1.25 parts, and the general dosage is between 1.5 and 2 parts. In special cases, it can be appropriately increased. The amount of peroxide, DCP can be increased up to 5 parts.

Although the nitrile reclaimed rubber can be vulcanized by peroxide and the vulcanized rubber has many unique performance characteristics, the vulcanized rubber has poor thermal tear resistance, and the mechanical strength and wear resistance of the peroxide vulcanizate itself are biased. Low, how to solve it at this time?

In order to solve the defects of DCP nitrile vulcanizate, nitrile reclaimed rubber products manufacturers can use cross-linking aids in the formula to improve the cross-linking degree of nitrile reclaimed vulcanizates and improve the mechanical properties of vulcanizates. The material is used together with a small amount of sulfur to improve the tear strength of the nitrile vulcanizate; the vulcanized material using lead peroxide is good in low temperature performance, large in tensile strength but large in compression set, if the nitrile reclaimed rubber product manufacturer uses peroxidation Lead peroxide in the product as a vulcanizing agent in the vulcanization system must avoid the use of zinc oxide in the formulation.

Peroxide vulcanization can be completely used in the production of rubber products using nitrile reclaimed rubber. The type and amount of peroxides need to be determined according to the actual needs of nitrile rubber products.