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Solid core / foam EPDM sealing strip compounding agent selection skills

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Solid core / foam EPDM sealing strip compounding agent selection skills

EPDM rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber are excellent in high temperature resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance. They are the first choice for the production of various rubber sealing strips. EPDM rubber sealing strips commonly available on the market have solid sealing strips and sponges. Foam sealing strip and solid core/sponge composite sealing strip, the type and amount of compounding agent of each compounding system in different formulas of rubber sealing strip are very different. Xiaobian today will summarize the EPDM solid sealing strip. The difference between the formula and the foam seal1JLYY730.

1.EPDM foam sealing strip contains foaming system

The biggest difference between the EPDM rubber seal and the sponge foam seal is that the foam foam seal contains a foaming system, and the foaming agent in the sponge foam seal generally uses a foaming agent AC. Foaming agent OBSH; In order to ensure uniform foaming of the foaming sponge strip, the rubber product manufacturer needs to reasonably adjust the vulcanization system in the formulation of the EPDM/recycled sponge foam sealing strip to match the foaming speed.

2.EPDM solid/sponge foam sealing strip vulcanization system

The design of the vulcanization system in the EPDM rubber sealing strip directly affects the service performance and service life of the sealing strip. When the sulphur is used as the vulcanizing agent to prepare the EPDM solid sealing strip and the sponge foam sealing strip respectively, the foam sealing strip is There are more types of accelerators, because the vulcanization and foaming of the sponge foam sealing strips are carried out at the same time, and the vulcanization speed and the foaming speed are perfectly matched to fully and uniformly foam; but in the actual production process, the sealing strips are emitted. The bubble speed is difficult to control, and the foaming speed can only be matched by adjusting the type and amount of various accelerators in the vulcanization system.

Under normal circumstances, when EPDM rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber produce solid sealing strips, the accelerator M, accelerator BZ and accelerator TMTD are selected to match sulfur; EPDM sponge foam sealing strip is selected for sulfur vulcanization. In this case, the accelerator BZ, the accelerator DPTT, the accelerator TL, the accelerator TMTD, and the accelerator ZDC can be used in combination to better adjust the vulcanization rate.

There are also some differences in the types of reinforcing agents, fillers and softeners in the formulation of EPDM solid sealing strip and sponge foam sealing strip. After Xiaobian, we will discuss it with you. It is worth mentioning that when using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce all kinds of rubber seals with high requirements for environmental protection and odorless, it is necessary to select not only EPDM reclaimed rubber products with high fineness and no impurity, but also reclaimed rubber used. Meet environmental standards and odorless standards; and avoid the use of contaminating compounds when designing such sponge seals or solid seal formulations.