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Three Raw Materials for Reducing the Cost of White Natural Rubber Board

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Three Raw Materials for Reducing the Cost of White Natural Rubber Board

The white rubber sheet produced from natural rubber as a main raw material has high mechanical strength and good hand elasticity, and is widely used in various occasions. However, from the perspective of cost, natural rubber is expensive and prone to fluctuations. It is a big problem for rubber manufacturers who lack the ability to control funds. If you can find a low-cost replacement raw material with stable price, you can reduce costs and be able to reduce costs. Good response to the "ups and downs" of natural rubber prices, then which raw materials can reduce the production cost of white natural rubber sheet 1JLYY911?

White latex reclaimed rubber

Latex reclaimed rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products is the main raw material choice for natural rubber products manufacturers to reduce costs. The performance characteristics of latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber are basically the same, and the compatibility with natural rubber is good. The price is much lower than natural rubber and the price is basically not fluctuating greatly. The white latex reclaimed rubber has white color and is an alternative to natural rubber production. The ideal material for white rubber sheets to reduce costs.

2. Heavy calcium

Heavy calcium, heavy calcium carbonate, a white powdery inorganic filler made of natural carbonate minerals such as calcite, marble, limestone, etc., low in price, high in whiteness, soft in texture, high in chemical purity, and good in thermal stability. It is easy to disperse in rubber compound and is a commonly used filler in the production of rubber products. When using natural rubber to produce white rubber sheets, rubber manufacturers can choose to fill with heavy calcium, increase the volume of the rubber sheet and reduce the production cost. Although heavy calcium carbonate is easy to disperse in the rubber compound, the reinforcing effect is poor, and the amount of heavy calcium in the white natural rubber sheet which has special requirements on mechanical strength and wear resistance should be reasonably controlled.

3 hard clay

As the largest silicate rubber filler in the rubber product industry, hard clay has low product price, can improve the processing performance of rubber compound in rubber product production, improve the viscosity and stiffness of rubber compound, and reduce the shrinkage of rubber compound; Filling the natural rubber sheet production formula with a proper amount of hard clay can not only reduce the amount of high-priced natural rubber, but also improve the processing technology of the rubber compound and improve the smoothness of the surface of the white rubber compound.

When using natural rubber as the main raw material to produce white rubber sheets, whether using latex reclaimed rubber or increasing the amount of filler, the production cost can be reduced, but a large amount of filled rubber filler is harmful to the mechanical strength and hand elasticity of the white rubber sheet, so it is small. It is believed that the combination of natural rubber and latex reclaimed rubber, and the filling of appropriate amount of heavy calcium carbonate and hard clay is a more ideal production method.

When using natural rubber/latex reclaimed rubber and producing white rubber sheets with rubber, rubber products manufacturers need to use appropriate amount of sulfur, accelerator, zinc oxide, stearic acid and titanium dioxide to control the mixing process conditions and various vulcanization parameters. In the process of reducing costs, the formula and process are further improved to improve the comprehensive index of natural rubber white rubber sheets.