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Light color latex product raw material selection principle

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Light color latex product raw material selection principle

The white latex reclaimed rubber has light color and white color, and can replace all kinds of light-colored rubber products with natural rubber in whole or in part to achieve the purpose of reducing cost. When using white latex reclaimed rubber to produce light-colored rubber products, in order to ensure that the color matching of rubber products meets the requirements, rubber products manufacturers will have to work hard on raw materials. Xiaobian today exchanges opinions on rubber raw materials and rubber compounding agents. The problem of light-colored latex regenerative collagen material selection 1JLYY828.

1. Selection of raw materials for light-colored latex products

(1) Natural rubber: Latex reclaimed rubber + natural rubber (dosage as appropriate) is the main production method of light-colored latex products manufacturers. When using white latex reclaimed rubber as the main raw material to produce light-colored rubber products, it is necessary to avoid the use of tobacco sheet glue. If the natural rubber is darker in color, it will cause great problems for the color matching of the product.

(2) When selecting latex reclaimed rubber, white latex reclaimed rubber is the best choice, or choose the latex reclaimed rubber which is the closest color to the latex product. (Generally, the latex reclaimed rubber in the market is mostly white and black, and the color latex is regenerated. Glue is not common due to raw material and process limitations. When selecting white latex reclaimed rubber for light-colored latex products, it is necessary to observe the color of the latex reclaimed rubber itself, and select the white color latex product as much as possible to provide good conditions for color matching of latex products.

2. Selection of compounding agent for light-colored latex products

(1) Contaminant compounding agent can not be used: When using latex reclaimed rubber or latex reclaimed rubber/natural rubber and using glue to produce light-colored latex products, rubber products manufacturers also need to pay attention to the color and pollution of the compounding agent. Taking rubber softeners as an example, aromatic oils, which are more polluting, cannot be used in light-colored latex products; anti-aging systems are highly polluting and easy to extract anti-aging agents.

(2) Replace the dark and black compounding agent with light color compounding agent: The type and amount of reinforcing agent and filler in the filling system of reinforcing agent need reasonable control. Generally, the reinforcing carbon black in the light-colored latex product needs to be replaced by white carbon black; the excessive amount of light calcium commonly used in the filler will cause the product to play and whiten, and needs reasonable control, and an appropriate amount of talcum powder may be added.

When producing latex rubber products with latex reclaimed rubber as the main material, rubber manufacturers must carefully select the type and amount of natural rubber, latex reclaimed rubber, and various compounding agents according to color and pollution, and if necessary, a small amount of Styrene-butadiene rubber (note the color and pollution, especially the light tread rubber), further improve the comprehensive index of light-colored latex products.