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Ways to improve the color change resistance of colored latex products

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Ways to improve the color change resistance of colored latex products

Many colored rubber products will appear discolored during parking or use, which makes the rubber products manufacturers feel headaches; the latex reclaimed rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products retains the high mechanical strength and goodness of natural rubber. In addition to the elastic feel of the hand, it has the same resistance to discoloration as natural rubber. It needs to improve the discoloration resistance of color latex products through reasonable formula design. Xiaobian today tells three ways to improve the color resistance of color latex products. .

1. Avoid using aromatic oil

The rubber softening oils commonly used in the processing of latex reclaimed rubber products are aromatic oils, paraffin oils and naphthenic oils. Among them, aromatic oils refer to hydrocarbons containing benzene rings in the molecular structure, which are low in market price and can significantly improve color latex glue. The processing performance of the material, but at the same time the higher unsaturation of the benzene ring molecular structure leads to the discoloration of the colored latex reclaimed rubber product containing aromatic oil under heat, oxygen and long-time illumination; thus improving the color latex reclaimed rubber product The first point of resistance to discoloration is to avoid the use of aromatic oils, replacing them with naphthenic or paraffinic oils.

2. Select peroxide curing

Sulfur, peroxide and resin are the most commonly used vulcanizing agents in the rubber industry. The vulcanized materials used in the peroxide vulcanization system produce carbon-carbon crosslinks, which are vulcanized with sulfur vulcanizates and resins. Compared with the peroxide vulcanizate, the heat resistance and compression set are better. The vulcanization reversion is basically not produced in the production process. The color latex reclaimed rubber product after production is not easy to bloom; therefore, the color latex reclaimed rubber product The choice of peroxide vulcanization or peroxide/sulfur vulcanization can improve the discoloration resistance of the finished product.

3. Use phenolic antioxidants

Anti-aging agent and rubber oil are the main factors causing discoloration of rubber products. The discoloration of many rubber products is the result of the dual action of rubber oil and anti-aging agent; but latex reclaimed rubber itself has poor aging resistance, and must use anti-aging In the process of use, the color latex product will be discolored when it is oxidized. Therefore, it is necessary to use an antioxidant in the rubber product formulation. The bisphenol antioxidant in the phenolic antioxidant can significantly improve the color latex. The color resistance of the product.

In actual production and use, there are many reasons for the discoloration of color latex products. For example, the amount of a certain compounding agent exceeds the solubility of the compound in the rubber compound, etc., and there is a chance to continue to discuss with you. The white latex reclaimed rubber in the latex reclaimed rubber product is an ideal choice to replace the natural rubber to produce colored rubber products. However, if the rubber latex which is prone to discoloration and migration is used in the production process of the white latex reclaimed rubber, the reclaimed rubber product will inevitably occur. The problem of discoloration requires color product manufacturers to carefully screen, choose high-quality latex reclaimed rubber, and cooperate with regular reclaimed rubber manufacturers for a long time.