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Reasons for choosing latex reclaimed rubber for various rubber soles

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Reasons for choosing latex reclaimed rubber for various rubber soles

In the rubber products industry, latex reclaimed rubber is the best raw material for rubber products to replace natural rubber. Rubber soles are one of them; latex reclaimed rubber and tire reclaimed rubber in reclaimed rubber products can be used to produce rubber soles, so why Many shoe material manufacturers are willing to give up the use of low-cost tire reclaimed rubber, and instead choose latex reclaimed rubber? What is the role of latex reclaimed rubber in the production of rubber soles?

1. Latex reclaimed rubber can guarantee the quality of rubber sole

Latex reclaimed rubber is generally processed from waste natural rubber, waste natural rubber products and latex products. Its molecular structure and performance characteristics are similar to those of natural rubber. It has small specific gravity, high rubber hydrocarbon content and good elasticity. It replaces natural rubber to produce rubber. The sole ensures a good elasticity and softness of the rubber sole and ensures good comfort.

2. Latex reclaimed rubber can reduce production costs

On the price alone, tire reclaimed rubber is much cheaper than latex reclaimed rubber. It can reduce the production cost by replacing rubber rubber soles with natural rubber. But this is not the case. The effective rubber hydrocarbon content of high-quality tire reclaimed rubber is also About 35%, generally 100 parts of tire reclaimed rubber can only replace 30 parts of raw rubber; high rubber content of latex reclaimed rubber can reach 100%, can replace natural rubber to produce rubber in a ratio of 1:1 The sole can even use latex reclaimed rubber completely.

The amount of tire reclaimed rubber used in rubber soles is limited. It can only be used in combination with natural rubber. It also needs to use more parts of tire reclaimed rubber. On the contrary, the price of latex reclaimed rubber is higher and higher than natural rubber. From a certain point of view, latex rubber reclaimed rubber instead of natural rubber to produce rubber soles is more beneficial to win the "bear" of "quality" and "cost".

3. Latex reclaimed rubber can improve the sole processing technology and reduce production energy consumption

As a product of recycling and recycling of waste rubber products, latex reclaimed rubber has better fluidity and plasticity, and less energy consumption during processing, so it can reduce more energy consumption. Latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber are used together to produce rubber soles. It can also improve the natural rubber mixing performance, reduce the incidence of vulcanization reversion, and improve the rubber sole production efficiency.

4. Latex reclaimed rubber can meet the color matching requirements of different color rubber soles

At the beginning, the latex reclaimed rubber on the market has black latex reclaimed rubber and green latex reclaimed rubber. The color is single, which can not meet the formula requirements of more light color and color soles. However, with the continuous improvement of latex reclaimed rubber production technology and technology, white Latex reclaimed rubber products are more and more; when using white latex reclaimed rubber to produce various light-colored and colored rubber soles, the color matching problem can be easily solved, which undoubtedly expands the use range of latex reclaimed rubber in rubber soles, such as sports soles. Freed from the situation that only a single black rubber sole such as liberation shoes could not be broken.

In the rubber sole formula, the latex reclaimed rubber can replace the natural rubber, and can replace the rubber sole of the butadiene rubber to reduce the amount of the butadiene rubber, reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency while satisfying the physical and mechanical performance requirements of the sole.