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Tips on using rubber latex to reduce costs for rubber joints 1

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Tips on using rubber latex to reduce costs for rubber joints 1

Waste natural rubber, waste natural rubber latex products processed by crushing, desulfurization, filtering and other processes can replace natural rubber to significantly reduce the cost of raw materials for rubber products; rubber joints are composed of inner and outer rubber layers, cord layers, and travellers The formed rubber tube can be used to reduce noise and vibration. So in actual production, can latex recycled rubber reduce the production cost of rubber joints? If so, what problems should be noticed during the application process?

1. The use of rubber joints determines whether it can be mixed with latex recycled rubber

Rubber joints can be divided into general rubber joints, special rubber joints and heat-resistant rubber joints according to the performance. General rubber joints are mostly used to transport water with a temperature not exceeding 80 ° C or an acid-base solution with a concentration of less than 10%. Natural rubber, SBR is mainly used; special rubber joints require excellent rubber resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. Heat-resistant rubber joints need to be used in higher than 80 ℃.

Latex recycled rubber has the basic performance characteristics of natural rubber, and is as poor as natural rubber in aging resistance, heat resistance, ozone resistance, and chemical resistance. Latex recycled rubber is compatible with general rubber such as natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, but Nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, etc. have poor compatibility, so in theory latex recycled rubber is mostly used to produce general rubber joints, or directly replace latex recycled rubber, or use in combination with natural rubber, or use latex recycled rubber, natural rubber , Styrene-butadiene rubber and other rubbers are used in combination to reduce raw material costs.

2. Selection and blending techniques of latex recycled rubber

When using latex recycled rubber to reduce the production cost of general rubber joints, rubber product manufacturers need to consider various aspects such as the demand for rubber joints, the price of latex recycled rubber, the index of latex recycled rubber, and the manufacturer's cost budget. In general, the rubber joint 1JLYY1218 is mostly black. The price of black latex recycled rubber with the same index is lower than that of white latex recycled rubber. It is more cost-effective to choose black latex recycled rubber to produce rubber joints; choose the latex regeneration that is closest to the indicators of rubber joints. Rubber can increase the amount of latex recycled rubber, reduce more raw material costs (the price of latex recycled rubber is as high as natural rubber); reasonable control of the amount of latex recycled rubber to ensure rubber joint indicators.

When using latex recycled rubber to reduce the production cost of rubber joints, rubber product manufacturers not only need to choose the appropriate latex recycled rubber, but also need to reasonably design the formula of rubber joints containing latex recycled rubber, strictly control the production process, and ensure the quality of rubber joints and normal production efficiency.