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Can the military green rubber outsole use recycled rubber?

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Can the military green rubber outsole use recycled rubber?

Compared to various bright colors, military green is more low-key and mysterious and versatile, so in addition to the liberation shoes that appeared early, there are many shoe materials with military green outsoles to meet the needs of different groups of people. In actual production, military green outsoles generally use natural rubber / butadiene rubber as the main rubber raw material; recycled rubber as a product of waste rubber resource recycling and reuse can improve process performance and reduce production costs in the production of rubber products. Mainly, can it be used in military green rubber outsole production?

1. Recycled rubber can be used in military green rubber outsole

At present, the recycled rubber on the market mainly includes latex recycled rubber, tire recycled rubber, nitrile recycled rubber, butyl recycled rubber, and EPDM recycled rubber. Among them, latex recycled rubber, tire recycled rubber and natural rubber, butadiene rubber are similar. It has good capacity and can be used together to achieve a good mixing effect and vulcanization effect. Therefore, in theory, military green rubber outsoles can use latex recycled rubber or tire recycled rubber to reduce costs.

2.Recycled rubber formula for military green rubber outsole

50 parts of natural rubber, 50 parts of butadiene rubber, 30 parts of recycled rubber, 5 parts of zinc oxide, 3 parts of stearic acid, 1 part of antioxidants, 70 parts of clay, 1 part of carbon black, 2 parts of zinc chromate, and green pigment 0.4 Parts, 25 parts rubber oil, 3 parts petrolatum, 1.8 parts sulfur, 2.8 parts accelerator; total: 245 parts.

3. The main points of using recycled rubber for military green rubber outsoles

① Army green rubber soles cannot use too much black rubber and black compounding agent, so it is best to use light-colored latex recycled rubber when mixing with recycled rubber. If it is necessary to use more cost-effective black latex recycled rubber or lower-priced tire recycling Manufacturers of rubber and rubber products must appropriately adjust the amount of chrome yellow and pigment green in the formula; ② The amount of carbon black needs to be controlled, and an appropriate amount of white carbon black can be used when necessary; ③ Reasonably choose antioxidants and rubber oils to avoid using highly polluting or For easy-to-migrate products, anti-aging agent 4010 works well with anti-aging agent MB. Among them, anti-aging agent MB can reduce the discoloration during rubber vulcanization. ④ The amount of vulcanizing agent and accelerator in rubber product formula should be adjusted according to the increase or decrease of the amount of recycled rubber. Make reasonable adjustments.

The rational use of recycled rubber in the green rubber outsole can achieve the dual purposes of ensuring quality and reducing costs; in actual production, rubber product manufacturers not only need to reasonably adjust the formula, but also need to adjust the production process and conditions, such as mixing temperature and mixing Refining time, vulcanization temperature, vulcanization pressure and vulcanization time, etc., further optimize the comprehensive index of military green rubber outsoles containing recycled rubber. It is understood that the tensile strength of the green rubber outsole containing recycled rubber can reach more than 12MPa, the elongation at break can exceed 650%, and the abrasion resistance, flex resistance and aging resistance are excellent.