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Application of rubber powder in rubber sole

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Application of rubber powder in rubber sole

The rubber sole has good elasticity and wear resistance, can withstand multiple bending and stretching, has high comfort and long service life, and is loved by various people. At present, many rubber products manufacturers will use a proper amount of reclaimed rubber or rubber powder when producing rubber outsole, which can reduce the production cost. Secondly, the rubber sole processing technology can be improved, in which rubber powder is added as a filler in an appropriate ratio. The rubber sole has little effect on the overall performance of the rubber sole.

Rubber powder is made of waste rubber products. It can be used as a low-active filler in the production of rubber soles, but it is different from ordinary fillers: there are components in the rubber powder that contain the components of the waste rubber products, such as vulcanizing agents. Agents, anti-aging agents and various molecular chain structures, such as double bonds and other mechanical degradation will form a reactive center, the waste rubber powder will be re-vulcanized in this process; its reinforcing performance is reflected in this way The more the rubber powder is filled, the better the reinforcing performance, and the higher the mechanical strength of the rubber sole produced, the better the wear resistance.

The role of rubber powder in rubber soles is also directly related to the particle size: the smaller the particle size, the more uniform the rubber powder is pulverized in the rubber sole. The better the performance of the obtained vulcanizate, the test shows that the fineness is 60- The index of the vulcanizate obtained by filling the rubber powder between the 80 meshes in the rubber sole formula is the best; the larger the particle size of the rubber powder, the faster the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber sole are lowered.

The rubber powder processed from waste rubber products has no plasticity, and the physical structure is seriously damaged during the processing. Therefore, excessive use during the use process will have a negative impact on the performance of the rubber sole. Rubber sole processing enterprises It is preferable to control the amount of the rubber powder to be between 10 and 20 parts by mass.

Compared with reclaimed rubber, the rubber powder processing process is simpler and lower in cost. It can be used in the production of rubber soles to produce rubber soles that meet national standards and pass relevant performance tests, and also improve rubber soles. Processing technology, reducing raw material costs, and recycling of waste rubber products. Waste rubber powder can be used not only as a filler in the rubber field, but also as a main material used in the production of rubber products, such as rubber floor tiles, rubber sheets, rubber waterproof materials, etc., and later will be discussed with you.