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Butyl reclaimed rubber in industrial rubber products

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Butyl reclaimed rubber in industrial rubber products

Butyl reclaimed rubber has good heat resistance, water resistance, low air permeability, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. It can be used as a substitute for butyl rubber to significantly reduce raw material costs in the production of various industrial rubber products. In various types of industrial products, butyl reclaimed rubber can be used to produce gaskets, buffer materials, waterproof materials, construction materials, bladders, etc. to ensure good performance.

1. General rubber sealing gaskets in the electronics, electrical and chemical industries can be produced with butyl reclaimed rubber, which benefits from the good water resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance of butyl reclaimed rubber; it is used in the selection of sealing gaskets. When the butyl reclaimed rubber is used, the butyl reclaimed rubber with suitable saturation should be selected according to the hardness of the sealing material, especially the low-hardness sealing gasket, and the butyl reclaimed rubber with medium and high saturation must be selected to ensure a short time. Achieve high levels of vulcanization to significantly improve the elasticity and low temperature flex resistance of butyl regenerated rubber gaskets.

2, butyl reclaimed rubber and butyl rubber can absorb a lot of kinetic energy, shock absorption effect is much better than other types of reclaimed rubber, it can be used to produce a variety of shock absorption equipment, such as engine, compressor damping device, rails Gaskets, electronic equipment pads, etc.; Butyl reclaimed rubber also has good weather resistance, water resistance, can also be used in rubber fenders and other water and dock buffer materials to maintain good shock absorption performance and service life.

3, butyl reclaimed rubber heat resistance, good water resistance, can play a water / water vapor effect, weather resistance, oxygen resistance, UV resistance, excellent aging resistance, it can be used in a variety of waterproof material production, Waterproofing membrane is a typical application; butyl reclaimed rubber also has good corrosion resistance, and can produce roofing, reservoirs, irrigation channels, pollution treatment tanks, chemical containers, waterproof and anti-corrosion materials in underground buildings, good performance, use Long life; In order to further improve the ozone resistance and weather resistance of butyl reclaimed rubber waterproof material and anticorrosive lining, a small amount of EPDM rubber or reclaimed rubber can also be added to the butyl reclaimed rubber product formulation.

4. The roof rubber sheet, flashing board, waterproof lining, sealing strips, and sealing compound are all typical building materials. Butyl reclaimed rubber has good water resistance, air permeability resistance, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance. It can guarantee the durability of construction materials, sealability and construction safety.

There are many applications of butyl reclaimed rubber in industrial rubber products. Antivirus products and printing rubber rollers are closely related to their good chemical stability and corrosion resistance. Air conditioning hoses and steam hoses use butyl reclaimed rubber for heat resistance, weather resistance and high Hermeticity and water resistance; adhesives and sealants can not be produced without the low permeability, low water permeability, aging resistance and stickiness of butyl regenerated rubber. With regard to the specific application of butyl reclaimed rubber in various industrial rubber products, Xiao Bian will discuss it with you in the later stage.