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Component design skills of EPDM reclaimed rubber 2

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Component design skills of EPDM reclaimed rubber 2

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, the plasticizing component can reduce the plasticizing and mixing time of the rubber compound, improve the flexibility and self-adhesion of the rubber compound, and improve the process performance of the rubber compound such as calendering, extrusion, and molding; anti-aging The component can delay and prevent the aging process of rubber; the tackifier can effectively improve the self-adhesion of the rubber compound. In actual production, how to design these components for EPDM reclaimed rubber?

3. Plasticizing components of EPDM reclaimed rubber

The plasticizing components of EPDM reclaimed rubber are commonly used petroleum oil (aromatic oil, naphthenic oil, paraffin oil), coumarone resin, pine tar, esters and some low molecular weight polymers. When designing the plasticizing components of EPDM reclaimed rubber products, it needs to be determined according to the vulcanization system, cost, pollution, migration, processing performance and physical properties of the vulcanizate.

The naphthenic oil in the petroleum-based plasticizer has the best compatibility with the EPDM reclaimed rubber, but it is not suitable for the vulcanizate of the peroxide vulcanization system. Aromatic oil has good compatibility with EPDM reclaimed rubber 2ELYY623, but it will lead to the decline of physical properties, weather resistance, ultraviolet resistance and other properties of vulcanizate. It is mainly used for vulcanization degree, aging resistance, and color stability. EPDM reclaimed rubber products. Paraffin oil is suitable for EPDM peroxide vulcanizates. Liquid polybutadiene and dioctyl sebacate can also be used for plasticizing components of EPDM reclaimed rubber.

4. Anti-aging components of EPDM reclaimed rubber

The anti-aging performance of EPDM reclaimed rubber is better than that of other varieties of reclaimed rubber, and the amount of anti-aging agent is less. EPDM rubber products that are required to be used at temperatures above 150 °C need to use more antioxidants. In actual production, the commonly used antioxidants for EPDM reclaimed rubber are antioxidant 124; in addition, about 10 parts of metal oxides such as cadmium oxide can be added to the EPDM reclaimed rubber vulcanized using a semi-effective vulcanization system. The glue has good thermal stability, the higher the temperature, the better the thermal stability effect.

5. The tackifier component of EPDM reclaimed rubber

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, the commonly used tackifiers are rosin resin, polyterpene resin, petroleum resin and non-reactive alkyl phenolic resin, among which the alkylphenolic resin has better tackifying effect. It should be noted that when alkyl phenolic resin is used for EPDM reclaimed rubber products that require higher adhesive strength, the scorch time of the vulcanizate will be shortened, and the vulcanization system needs to be adjusted appropriately.

The skills of designing EPDM reclaimed rubber components, the editor will continue to discuss with you later.

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