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Application of latex reclaimed rubber in rubber shoes

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Application of latex reclaimed rubber in rubber shoes

The rubber shoe fence connects the outsole and the upper to protect the upper from wear and tear. It needs to be flexibly bent during the use process and is in the dynamic fatigue for a long time. It is the most deformed part in the whole rubber shoe, and the performance requirements of the rubber compound are particularly high. Most of them use natural rubber as raw material; it is a trend to use latex reclaimed rubber instead of natural rubber to produce rubber products and reduce the cost of raw materials. Can latex reclaimed rubber be used in rubber shoes? What issues should I pay attention to when using?

The raw materials of latex reclaimed rubber are natural rubber waste rubber cup, rubber yarn, waste natural rubber and waste latex product. The latex reclaimed rubber processed by different raw materials has different rubber content and mechanical strength. The rubber shoes are used for the rubber compound. Elasticity, softness and elongation at break are required to be high; the high-adhesive latex reclaimed rubber processed from natural rubber waste rubber cup and rubber yarn is the closest to natural rubber and is a substitute for some natural rubber. It is an ideal choice to reduce the production cost of rubber shoes.

The rubber shoes on the market are colorful and need different colors to match the rubber shoes. The single black or white can not meet the development needs; the white latex reclaimed rubber in the latex reclaimed rubber products has white color and easy color matching, and can be used in white. The production of light-colored and colorful rubber shoes is the same; the black latex reclaimed rubber of the same index is lower than the white latex reclaimed rubber, so the black latex reclaimed rubber can be used in the production of black fences, reducing the cost of raw materials. .

During the wearing process of the rubber shoes, the fence has been subjected to flexural deformation, so the flexural resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance of the rubber compound used are particularly high, and the rubber and rubber outsole, midsole, bottom heel, etc. The content of the rubber is required to be higher than that of the parts; when designing the rubber rubber strip containing the latex reclaimed rubber, it is necessary to use a high-glued latex reclaimed rubber, preferably a pure latex reclaimed rubber, and used in combination with natural rubber. Control the amount of reclaimed rubber to meet the requirements of various indicators of rubber shoes.

Rubber shoes are common rubber products that are in direct contact with the human body. If the ingredients contain harmful substances, it will seriously affect human health. Therefore, when choosing latex reclaimed rubber for the production of rubber shoes, it is necessary to choose environmentally-friendly latex reclaimed rubber.

Latex reclaimed rubber is a natural resource for recycling and recycling of waste rubber products. Compared with natural rubber, it has better fluidity, higher plasticity, better scorch safety and less vulcanization. Therefore, it replaces some natural rubber to produce rubber shoes. The raw material cost can be reduced, the processing technology of the rubber strip can be improved, the power consumption can be reduced, and the vulcanization process can be improved; however, since the molecular structure and composition content of the latex reclaimed rubber and the natural rubber are still different, it is necessary to adjust the rubber shoe wrapping rubber product. Formula, tomorrow Xiaobian will discuss this issue with you.